Online Sports Betting Review – How to Get Started

Sports Betting If you’re new to sports betting online, you may be wondering how to get started. Well, you aren’t alone. More people are trying it out each and every day. Many sportsbooks feature bonus offers and promotions for their customers. You’ll find plenty of these too. You can place your bets from the comfort of your home. And because […]

Frugal Travel Tips for San Francisco

San Francisco is my favorite city along the west coast. It is also one of the most expensive especially for hotels. Luckily for the frugal traveler, many of the sights are free. Note: When I first went to San Francisco (driving from Los Angeles), I was very surprised by the drop in temperature. Check the weather before you arrive. Fisherman’s […]

Brand: Signature Signs

All the big brands have one thing in common, a deep understanding that it’s all about the customer. Ultimately, branding is the process of defining your reputation in the mind of the consume. This perspective is often the difference between a thriving brand and a dying brand. Some brands create “hallmarks,” a term coined by mega-brand strategy firm Lipponcot, to […]

Brief History of K-12 Education

Almost everyone knows the current educational system that regulates public schools. This system is already popularly known as K-12 education. There are thirteen grades that make up the K-12 system from kindergarten through twelfth grade, hence the name K (kindergarten) through 12 (grade 12). This type of educational system is not only applied in the United States. Even those who […]