Weight loss: dos and don’ts

Weight loss journeys are tough no matter where you start or how far you’ve come. At some point, most people have tried to lose weight and ended up quitting due to stagnation or inappropriate guidance. There are also seemingly endless weight loss hacks that advertise that they are the only thing you need to lose weight, which is simply not […]

Gangsters in America – Louis "Lepke" Buchalter: the only mob boss executed by the government

He was bad to the bone since he was born. He swindled, armed himself strong, and killed men with delight. In the end, for his many crimes, Louis “Lepke” Buchalter became a toast in Sing Sing’s electric chair. Louis Buchalter was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on February 12, 1897. His parents were Russian Jews and his father owned a hardware […]

What if everyone used solar energy at home?

Did you know that if we equip half of the houses in America with full-size solar panels, there is a chance that we can power the entire United States with solar energy? The location of the panels would have to be strategically located to maximize solar efficiency, but once in place, the United States could have 25 years of energy […]

Romantic hotels from the 19th century

Few Victorian hotels have retained their romance and beauty while inspiring admiration like California’s Del Coronado Hotel, Michigan’s Mackinac Island Grand, and Georgia’s Jekyll Island Club Hotel, each relatively similar, each unique. Located on the western edge of San Diego Bay, Del Coronado is a Coronado Island landmark whose charming grounds cover more than 30 acres of beautiful oceanfront property. […]

What cooking oil should I use?

Most contemporary recipes call for “extra virgin olive oil”, in a vain attempt to appear “healthy”, “healthy” and “elegant”. I select my cooking oils based on what I am preparing. If I’m sautéing, browning, or wok frying, I use oils that have high smoke points. What is a smoke point? Each oil has its own “smoke point”, which is the […]

Hearing Protection Act: Silencers for the Masses

Legal and responsible gun owners will soon be able to justify the cost of owning silencers. HR3799, The Hearing Protection Act is currently in committee in the House of Representatives and the Senate. It has always been legal to own silencers in the United States. The problem is that they have had to obtain an individual license from the ATF. […]

Dog Party Ideas – Bolt the Movie

It’s no wonder Bolt’s party ideas and party supplies are one of the hottest kids’ party themes today. Since the release of this fun cartoon movie for kids, it has been one of the best kids party ideas! Disney movies are always very popular with kids and usually end up being an interesting and fun party theme. Bolt the movie […]