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14 Is the New 16: 14 Gauge Sinks Now Available for Residential Homes

Over the past decade, stainless steel sinks have become increasingly popular in modern homes. They help accentuate architectural details and finishes. Clean lines and fresh textures reflect the surrounding colors and patterns. Stainless steel will complement your décor long after the trendy colors have gone out of style. This is particularly relevant in contemporary or modern design environments.

When choosing which steel sink is right for your home, one of the main considerations is the gauge of the stainless steel. The gauge refers to the thickness of the steel. The smaller the gauge, the thicker and therefore the better the steel. Consequently, 18 gauge is thicker and more durable than 20 gauge.

Most consider 18g to be a good thickness to use in a kitchen sink. It should have very few dents in an 18g sink. As a result, this has become the industry standard. However, as time goes on, people are beginning to notice that 16 gauge sinks are far superior compared to their 18g counterparts. Consequently, you will rarely find an 18g sink in a luxurious home, as almost all employ 16-gauge sinks. Until now …

The time has finally come when homeowners can get higher quality sinks. 14 gauge sinks are recently available for residential homes. In the past, only industrial sinks were made from such high-quality materials. Manufacturers have apparently noticed the market trend toward 16g top sinks and continued to offer homeowners 14-gauge stainless steel options.

Benefits of stainless steel:

Large sink capacity: The lightweight yet durable qualities allow it to form into larger and deeper bowls that would not otherwise be possible with other materials, such as commonly used cast iron.

Shock absorber: Has a decent amount to give. This means that upon impact it creates a lightweight cushion for glasses and plates that will help prevent the plates from being damaged.

Environmentally friendly: It is a recyclable material and does not degrade or lose any of its qualities during the recycling process.

Low cost: They are much more affordable than other sink options. With that being said, steel quality and other specifications can vary a lot, which is why some very high-end and expensive stainless steel sinks do exist.

Durability: They are so durable that a 14 gauge sink will likely outlast your kitchen.

Easy to maintain: It is easy to care for and is not affected by household cleaning chemicals.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a new sink, I suggest you explore some 14 gauge models.

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