The Legend of Korra, is it really worth exaggerating?

The Legend of Korra (TLOK) begins 75 years after the Last Airbender (TLA). Follow Korra (from the Southern Water tribe), the 17-year-old Avatar. The plot begins with Korra, having mastered Fire, Water, and Earthbending, moving to Republic City to complete her Airbending training. His teacher is Aang’s son, Tenzin. However, Republic City finds itself in the midst of an anti-bent […]

Orlando, the beautiful city

Orlando is a city in central Florida. The city of Orlando is the county seat of Orange County, Florida. Orlando is the sixth largest city in Florida. Orlando is also nicknamed “O-Town”, “The Beautiful City” and “The Imaginary City”. The source of Lake Eola is the symbol of Orlando. The town is believed to be named after a soldier named […]

Why is Roger Maris not in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Roger Maris played Major League Ball (MLB) for 12 seasons, from 1957 to 1968. He played for four different teams (Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees, and St. Louis Cardinals). He appeared in seven World Series, winning three of them. He was a two-time (consecutive) American League MVP, seven-time All Star (1959-1962 2 all-star games a year), and […]

The bridge between digital marketing and e-commerce

Bill Gates once said, “The Internet is becoming the global village square of tomorrow.” Believe it or not, it is very true. E-commerce is the business transaction that is carried out completely online, that is, every time you use the Internet to buy / sell a product, you are involved in electronic commerce, on the other hand, digital marketing refers […]

Merits and demerits of equity financing

Equity Financing means the owner, equity and financing. Generally, small-scale businesses, such as partnerships and sole proprietorships, are operated by their owners through their own finances. Public limited companies operate on the basis of capital shares, but their management is different from that of shareholders and investors. Merits of equity financing: The following are the merits of equity financing: (i) […]

Island of cooking

A perfect kitchen island meets a challenging list of household needs. These islands can be ancient islands to bring that old world aura to your kitchen; They could even be islands custom made to your specifications. You can get the look you want for your kitchen, just find out the cost involved and the look you want, be it an […]

1964 1/2 Mustang myth

1964 1/2 Mustang – have you seen one? Of course, as a Mustang enthusiast, I would say yes, of course I do. Check job title or VIN number? The truth is, there was never a 64 1/2 Mustang. Each was branded after a 1965 Mustang, but was built on Ford’s production line in 1964. The true identity of these rare […]

Xbox Kinect games review

Xbox Kinect games without a controller If you’re one of the most cynical gamers when it comes to control in video game titles, there’s no getting around the fact that Xbox Kinect Games is technically extremely impressive. For most gamers, myself included, it will be very difficult to convince them that anything other than a real controller can be used […]