How to correctly buy a self-storage facility

Buying a personal storage facility is much more difficult than you might think, especially if you want to make money from it. Over the years, there are some basic traits that separate winning facilities from losing ones. And that genetic code is difficult to decipher. There are many people who will tell you all about buying a self storage facility […]

2015 Fantasy Football Sleepers

One of the keys to winning your fantasy football league is the ability to recruit Sleepers. The “sleepers” are NFL players who are drafted in much lower rounds in their fantasy football drafts than their final stats warrant. In terms of shopping, this is like getting a 22 oz bottle of Not Your Father’s Root Beer (the 19.9% ​​version … […]

Surprise! Pick up trucks are the best once again

When 2008 is all said and done, the auto industry will have marked one of its worst years in decades. A slowing economy, high gasoline prices and fickle consumers will be among the top reasons cited for the difficult year, although the latter reason may not be fully explained. After all, if the economy sucks and gas prices are high, […]

The power of inclusive language

Positive inclusive language will rise. Negative exclusive language will create a downdraft. How many times have you heard the following? “No problem.” “Not really.” How do you feel when you thank a server for their excellent service and hear “No problem”? One of my things that annoys me is “No problem”. I say, “Thank you for your excellent service!” The […]

Find the location of a snow cone stand

Rent, rent, rent Lord Harold Samuel, a real estate mogul, coined the phrase: “There are three things that matter in a property: location, location, location.” No other factor is as important to the success of your business as the location you choose. Location is not the only consideration. You also need a quality product, a clean booth, and friendly employees. […]