Palm Springs Bike Trails

This is a dream for cycling enthusiasts, from beginners to the most experienced. Take a camera with you and lots of water. This is also the home of the annual Tour of Palm Springs, which raises money for many local charities. The bike trail systems, which are some of the most beautiful in Southern California, are divided into sections called […]

Hawaiian Clothing: Made in Hawaii vs. Imported

From the time the first Hawaiian shirts and dresses began to appear in Honolulu in the 1930s through the 1990s, most were made in Hawaii. But like other manufacturing industries in the US, Hawaiian clothing manufacturers face incredible price pressure from imported products. Today, it’s not surprising to find stores selling more imported Hawaiian clothing from China and Indonesia than […]

What is the Name of Matka Game?

Name of Matka Game If you are wondering what the name of the game “Matka” is, you are in luck. The word matka means “earthen pot” in Hindi, and its history dates back to ancient India. People would place bets on the opening and closing of cotton paces and the winning player would be able to collect a prize based […]