HTC’s Desire combines versatile software with high-end hardware

The HTC Desire is currently among the most popular smartphones available in the market and features an impressive and extensive list of specifications. Its popularity is totally understandable, considering all the included features, as well as its affordable price. The HTC Desire basically has everything it takes to be a successful product. It has a large 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, […]

Top 10 tips to improve your IELTS score

Thinking of taking the IELTS exam and want to maximize your score? These are my top ten tips based on my many years of teaching IELTS to a variety of students in different countries. They are presented in no particular order. top tip one Prepare, prepare, prepare… yes, I know it sounds obvious, but I have met many “overconfident” candidates […]

Weight gain for children: it’s all in the juice box

There is no such thing as “hidden calories”. Just look at the nutrition label and you’ll see in seconds the amount of calories, carbohydrates, sugar, protein and fat. Juice Boxes: 100% Natural Juice and Filled with Calories and Sugar and can add hundreds of unnecessary calories a day and are easily replaced with zero-calorie, zero-sugar alternatives. “Natural”Fruit Juices are NOT […]

What is an iPad? The essentials explained

What is an iPad? Simple answer: It’s a cross between a smartphone and a laptop, at least in size and weight. An iPad is classified as a tablet and is designed and marketed by Apple. It has a multi-touch screen, which means that it has the ability to recognize the presence of two or more points of contact (fingertips) with […]

Secured credit cards: the good and the bad

Secured credit cards can be good If you can’t get a regular card because of bad credit, all hope is not lost. A secured credit card is different because it uses funds that a consumer has deposited in a savings account. The secured card is protected by the savings account. Therefore, the consumer is “borrowing” from his own account. In […]

Inside Kenya – The Agikuyu Tribe

The history of the Agikuyu people has been passed down from generation to generation. The younger generation of the Agikuyu must be thankful and thankful to the older generation for having passed down the ways of the Agikuyu people since their inception and ways of life through word of mouth. The first parents of the Agikuyu i.e. Gikuyu and Mumbi […]

How to age your kitchen cabinets

If you need new cabinets but can’t afford them, you can try some DIY antiques. Aging your kitchen cabinets can revitalize old, worn cabinets and add warmth and character to the room. Antique cabinetry matches a wide range of decorating styles, from country to Victorian to Tuscan to French. Antique cabinets will give your kitchen a warm and inviting look […]