Changes introduced by Incoterms 2010

The Incoterms 2010 of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) entered into force on January 1, 2011 and replace the old Incoterms 2000. The following is a summary of the changes introduced with the new Incoterms 2010. With the new Incoterms┬« 2010, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has made an effort to improve its use. We can also observe […]

Check out the Hyderabad job market to explore the opportunities available

In recent years, Hyderabad has become a boosting employment destination, where various national and international companies have established their business hubs. Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, is witnessing the presence of companies from diversified industrial sectors. Apart from being a popular national heritage, Hyderabad has become a prominent destination in the fields of biotechnology, information technology, automobile, entertainment and pharmaceutical […]

Email filtering service: prevent spam messages from interrupting your workflow

Almost every business today is heavily dependent on email. With this, people can communicate, send important documents, share files, and store data, all within minutes. Most business transactions are done through email and this also makes it a good way to record the date and transcripts of transactions. While this is an important business tool, it can also be your […]

Tomatoes – Jewels of the Garden

Tomatoes are the jewels of the garden. There’s nothing quite like a juicy, ripe tomato picked at the height of its growing season, mostly summer through fall. Did you have a bumper crop of tomatoes this year? Do you sneak out at night to leave grocery bags of ripe tomatoes at your neighbor’s door? Are you at least leaving them […]

death behind the plate

August 1, 2012 marked the one-year anniversary since San Diego Police Officer David Hall committed suicide in his home. Hall was facing a court appearance a few days before his suicide, for his part in a drunk driving accident in which he was involved off-duty. I had been attending AA meetings and had just received a visit from the San […]

3 Reasons to Choose a Hawaii-Licensed, Hawaii-Located Physician for In-State Telemedicine

1. Telemedicine can easily treat many common conditions Many large telemedicine providers offer online care services to people living in or visiting Hawaii, but most of the time those doctors are not physically located in Hawaii. Access to an in-state doctor is especially important because there are many specific conditions and diseases that are much more common in Hawaii than […]

Property Rental in Panama

Investing in real estate in Panama by renting the properties can be very profitable. However, real estate leasing laws are old and confusing to foreigners. Here is a summary of Panama rental laws: The Civil Code of 1917 He copied the Spanish Civil Code that regulates the lease of real estate in rural and urban areas. Private residential properties whose […]