Why go organic? Part V – Support local farmers!

You’ll probably feel good about your purchase when you head to the local farmer’s market for fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables. It’s a nice feeling to know that the food you eat is as nutritious as possible, but there’s another reason you can get great satisfaction from your commitment to going organic. Every time you go to your local […]

Delaware Statutory Trusts

A Delaware Statutory Trust (commonly known as a DST) is, as the name suggests, a legal entity created as a trust under Delaware state law. A DST is created for real estate investment purposes and is especially useful in a 1031 exchange. Under a DST, each investor owns a prorated share of the DST itself. The DST, in turn, owns […]

Landscaping ideas for your home or business

When you have decided to make changes or additions to your current home or commercial landscape, you will have many different options available to you. From the selection of materials, the design of the desired design, obtaining measurements, establishing a budget and deadlines for the completion of the project. Getting the most out of your current space while also looking […]

15 Pinterest Tips for More Productive Pins

Pinterest, a very prominent social networking site, is now just behind Twitter in popularity and is growing rapidly. Pinterest generates more referral traffic than Twitter and LinkedIn combined. Obviously, this popular social site could do a lot for your business and your online presence, but like all tools, it must be used correctly. The basic idea of ​​Pinterest is to […]

Avoid dealer status when changing house

Any investor who sells more than one or two properties a year will find themselves in trouble with the IRS qualifying them with “dealer status” for tax purposes. This is extremely dangerous stuff. Dealers, like real estate agents, are considered self-employed and are subject to the 15.3% self-employment tax. Worse yet, a dealer can’t pay taxes in installments when he […]