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3 Ways To Change Your Perception To Change Your Binge Behaviors

My biggest breakthroughs with bingeing came when I really understood that I had to change my internal perceptions, not external behaviors.

Because perceptions drive behaviors, it’s like a ninja move.

So the next question is, how do you change your perception?

There are 3 main things that I have found that work for me to change my perceptions.

One of the best ways I have found is to do things that are radically out of my normal habits, routines, or behaviors. When I do this, I return to familiar routines, but have slightly altered my perception.

So that could mean enjoying my favorite food with candles, music, etc. and turn it into a great event. Or it could mean finding a homeless shelter and serving soup on a rainy afternoon. Or go to a workshop to meet new people, to surround myself with different ideas. Whatever it is, I know that when I am stagnating, I need to be responsible for changing my state in order to change my thoughts. Usually the easiest state to alter is physical state, because emotional states can be much more difficult to manipulate.

Second, I honestly had to give myself compassion and permission to eat what I really wanted. I started by allowing myself a week to eat whatever I wanted, with the pattern of eating when I was hungry and noticing when I subtly felt “enough.” Like everything, this takes practice. I go through ups and downs with this, but I remind myself that I am human. Now, I tend to stick to the same healthy breakfasts and lunches. For dinner or dessert, I choose one thing that I really want and look forward to that at the end of the day. I only keep enough in my house for about 2 nights of this so I can’t go down a hole too much.

Third (the longest and most difficult), I devoted myself to self-help materials and courses long enough to realize that I am more than my body. It sounds cliche, but this is a big problem.

Relating to yourself as someone who has a unique gift for contributing to the world takes your focus to a wider playing field. Food can be a comfortable distraction that keeps you playing a smaller game. It’s easy to get involved in beating yourself up. The alternative is to go out into the world as the best version of yourself, acting as if any day is your last. Say what is really in your heart, discover how to do what you have dreamed of but never thought you would really do. These things take more time, energy, and thought than thinking about food.

Is there something fascinating for you that is new or out of the ordinary that you could try this week to change things up a bit?

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