5 factors that fuel the current polarization

If you are, like many other Americans, you have probably been somewhat concerned about the level of polarization we are witnessing today. It seems that never before, in recent memory, has there been so much mistrust, partisanship, etc., as today! Rather than bringing people together, for the common good, many view President Donald Trump as the great divider. The combination of his rhetoric / vitriol, false and / or misleading statements (political facts – reviewers claim, his rate of making these types of comments is unheard of), and his apparent desire to motivate and inspire his core supporters, without seeming caring deeply for others creates this important – division! With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss 5 factors that have added to this polarizing atmosphere.

1. Prejudice / bias / feeling oppressed: When, the Federal Government, seems to support the aggressive behavior of the Police, especially, when it involves, the unfortunate number of deaths and injuries of persons belonging to minorities! The current movement, Black Lives Matters, came about after several individuals, especially African Americans, were seriously injured or died, after an apparent abuse of power, etc., by a few police officers. Is there anyone who can actually believe, there is no reason, to feel oppressed, etc., and, if you were in their place, you would not feel the same way?

2. Systemic racism: Whether it’s housing, education, job opportunities, job creation, quality of jobs, crime / safety, equal treatment by police and courts, etc., we often witness a disturbing pattern. of systemic racism in many areas. , of American life!

3. Self-interest, instead of the common / greater good: Too often, we witness more self-interest than fairness, equal rights and enjoyment for all. Why does it seem that so few public officials put public policies / needs before their personal / political agenda and / or their own interests? Why, even during this horrible pandemic, did we fail to see these politicians, do the right thing and provide the necessary help, etc., that so many affected people are experiencing?

Four. Economy / jobs / wages: When President Trump seems to equate the quality and performance of the economy with the performance of the stock market, most middle-class Americans are, at best, underserved. While we had a lower unemployment rate before the pandemic, the wages and quality of many of these jobs favored the wealthiest Americans and the largest corporations – for the greater good!

5. Little: The statistics clearly indicate that minorities, especially people of color, are detained, detained, and charged by the police at a significantly higher rate than their white counterparts. The punishments, given, for similar crimes, etc., are statistically much more severe and greater for minorities than for others.

We need a nation where life, liberty and the pursuit of justice, equal rights and treatment are necessities! Wake up, America, and demand better!

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