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Add glass inserts to kitchen cabinets

Tired of the look of your kitchen cabinets and ready for a quick and inexpensive way to spice up the look of the room? One of the methods you can use to do this is to replace some of your cabinet door panels with glass. Glass will ease the uniformity of your kitchen and give you a place where you can display some of your most treasured possessions. The best part about using glass is that it is a really inexpensive answer to your remodeling problems and it can open up your kitchen a bit making it look bigger and brighter.

You will find three specific types of glass that you can use when renovating your cabinets. Are:
* Clear as Window Glass – This is the perfect type of glass if you want to show off fancy glassware or porcelain.
* Dark with patterns in the glass that distort the images of what is inside the cabinets. So while you will still be able to see what’s inside the cabinet, the picture will not be clear.
* Opaque are stained or frosted stained glass that cannot be seen through. If you want glass inserts in your cabinet doors, and you prefer that no one can see the interiors, opaque glass will be a good option that will block out and prevent anyone from seeing the interior.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to go overboard when installing glass panels on your closet doors, because some of them will suffice and will look good. Since they will appear to be different from the rest of your cabinets, they will naturally become the focal point of your room. Before you start exchanging your wood door panels for glass, give yourself some space to try and imagine different cabinets with glass inserts. If you have a relatively small kitchen, you will be able to choose cabinets where you think glass could be used to the greatest advantage.

Once you know which cabinet fronts you want to replace with glass, stop and analyze the contents of those cabinets. Are the items inside something you would rather hide behind opaque glass, or is this a place where you want to install displays behind clear glass? The more you try to visualize before installation, the more you will like the end results.

Adding glass to a cabinet door is a job you can easily do yourself to keep the cost down. Start by gathering all the supplies you will need. Tools will include drill bits, a jigsaw and blade, a screwdriver, clamps, and wood glue. You will also need to purchase new wood trim to hold the glass in place, as well as 1/8 “mirror hangers and wood screws.

Start by using your jigsaw to remove the part of the door that you plan to put glass on. Once you’ve done this, and the hardware removed, you can do whatever repaint you want and then add the glass insert. Are you going to update your cabinets or just add glass fronts? To repaint them, you will need to sand all of the existing finish down to the bare wood. If you plan on painting them, all you need to do is sand them down a bit so they hold the paint well. Then when they are finished you can insert the glass panels.

When you’re done, you can put the hardware back on the door and hang it up again. You will find that just this simple amount of work and a small expense will make a big difference in the appearance of your kitchen. You will have kitchen cabinets that you can be proud of.

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