Baby Shower Gift – Baby Nursing Gift Basket

Baby showers naturally call for baby shower gifts, and one of the best gifts you can give is a baby gift basket. You can make or buy a baby gift basket. The real challenge, though, is what kind of baby gift basket you’ll present at the party. A baby gift basket is one of the most practical and affordable options you can give a mom-to-be. This gift basket usually works as the perfect gift for new moms or during a baby shower. A baby nursing gift basket can be personalized to meet the needs of your future recipient, and yet you will truly enjoy making it.

A baby nursing basket can be given at the baby shower or after the baby is born, where it can include small extra gifts that the mother will consume while nursing her baby. You can add some healthy snacks, parenting books, or pampering gifts to delight her.

After which, you will need to decide which container will hold all the nursing supplies. There are many good containers that you can use in addition to the traditional wicker baskets that are often used to make a baby basket. Try different things like a diaper bag, diaper caddy, laundry basket, baby bathtub, bucket, cart, etc. Just be creative, whatever you choose will definitely work well.

The next thing you will need to do is start working on the fillers. Since it’s a baby breastfeeding topic, you should consider the essentials that moms usually need when breastfeeding their babies. Appropriate items to fill in the basket may include a nursing bra, breast pads, breast tubes, lily pads, nursing pillows, nursing cover, breastfeeding book, and nipple cream. Also, you can consider vouchers for services like a meal or older childcare, or enroll her in a local lactation support group.

Of course, you can always add whatever you want to be included in the basket. There are so many great add-ons that can be added to your themed gift basket, such as baby rattles, teddy bears, stuffed animals, nursery rhyme CDs, healthy snacks for mom, and the like.

Once you’ve finished arranging all the fillers, you can finish off the gift basket by wrapping it in clear or colored cellophane, or simply wrap the container with matching ribbons. It’s all in your creative hands how to decorate the whole package. You can use personalized ribbons and include a label to further personalize the basket. Just be sure to decorate the package according to the gender of the baby. Otherwise, make it gender neutral if the gender is still unknown.

If you ever don’t have time to make your own basket at home, you can easily find so many baby gifts including baby baskets online. Many specialty online stores these days offer a wide variety of baby shower gifts, from traditional baby baskets to personalized baby baskets, personalized baby keepsakes, and many more.

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