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Be happier: FIVE things to stop doing right now

Sometimes the path to happiness depends on what you don’t do.


1. Talking too much: The word SILENCE has the same letters as the word LISTEN. When you stay silent talking less, you will be present with others and learn more.

2. Rush: Take your time and show people what you mean, instead of raising your voice and yelling or explaining too much. One by one, shoulder to shoulder, be with the person you need and who needs you.

3. Rolling your eyes: Rolling your eyes is a silent punch to the stomach. You know what it feels like when it happens to you. And yet you have too. Maybe even your child! Stop rolling your eyes and put compassion and love in your eyes. You’ll get a much better response, and your understanding will put the recipient of your gaze at ease.

4. Sigh: Mindful breathing is a great way to regain your sense of presence and restore calm. An expressive sigh, however, has the opposite effect. Sighing reinforces your level of discontent and lets others know how upset you are. Let go of the sigh and breathe calmly.

5. Look for what is wrong: When you enter a room, restaurant or theater, you may notice that the seats are wrong, the lighting is wrong, the clothes of the people are wrong. Or you can change your consciousness and notice what is right! There’s a lot going on, that’s right, right here, right now! Observe and allow goodness to fill you!

Adopt one of these “stops” each day for the next five days. Set a reminder on your phone or write sticky notes and remind yourself what to stop each day. You will see the best of yourself emerge, as you let go of these traits. Taking action is the best gift you can give yourself and those around you! Be happy!

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