Nations of the world: fun facts about Swaziland!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Swaziland! independence Did you know- On September 6, 1968, the country, one of the most ethnically homogeneous republics on the planet, proclaimed its national independence as the Kingdom of Swaziland within the Commonwealth. It thus became the forty-second independent country in Africa. Since then, it has become one of the few Third World monarchies. For […]

The Scary Tale of Purgatory Box

A long and somber procession from the oldest member of a family who had died after 100 years of life took the longest road to a dark old cathedral in Portugal. The entire family, from the youngest great-grandchildren to the oldest widowed wife, wore black from shoulders to toe. The deceased widow wore a black shawl around her head as […]

The Ladder of Success – Goal Setting

goal setting The more you seek to fulfill your goals in life, the “luck” appears in the form of opportunities. Pursuing your goals and exploring your potential sets the direction and determines the future life. Goals determine what you want and keep you focused on a purpose. Personal goals are usually related to your health, your relationships, and your happiness. […]

\”Healthy eating is for sissies”

When I was young, I often heard my father say things that later turned out not to be on the true side of the table. So I guess it’s a parent’s prerogative, and I’ve probably done the same thing many times. But I don’t want to investigate that aspect of my life right now. One that he said quite frequently […]

Love relationships, marriage, partnerships: the three essential stages or how to be happy together

In primary love relationships -marriage and partner- there are three possible stages. These stages are progressive and sequential; you must go through one to get to the other. Although most of us are stuck in the first stage, to reach your full life potential you must seek to experience all three for the ever-deeper degrees of happiness and fulfillment they […]