How to feel good – Feel good inside and out

Feeling good implies happiness, joy, peace and love, which is the desire that we spend our lives trying to find or achieve. In the pursuit of happiness, there is the mistaken perception that happiness arises from external things like money, sex, career, appearance, popularity, and relationships. Actually, the external things that make a person feel good come from the events […]

10 tips for a healthy life

Being healthy is one of the many things we want to achieve in life. Of course, being healthy is not just about having a good body and an active lifestyle, but it also gives us the means to achieve our desires and goals and allows us to fulfill our purposes in life. Here are 10 healthy living tips to get […]

Workplace Satisfaction – The Bucket and the Basket

Ask a business owner what would motivate their disgruntled employees and most will answer “More money!” Unless your people are genuinely underpaid, you are wrong. Frederick Herzberg’s studies of mental health in business are a kind of practical application of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (which, by the way, isn’t really hierarchical). Often called the Two Factor Theory, Herzberg’s Theory of […]

A positive attitude changes everything

Today’s statement: I am happy and share my joy with others. A positive attitude is an important key to the success of your goals and dreams. You can overcome any obstacle when you have the right attitude. A simple word for it… happiness! “Happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not material wealth…Happiness comes from giving, not receiving. If we try to […]

Is bee pollen safe for the family?

The big question about bee pollen The big question on the minds of many mothers and fathers looking to improve their family is: “Is bee pollen safe for my family?” In this day and age of gluttony and greed, many families are trying to cut excess and reign in both adults and children for healthier lifestyles across the board. trim […]