Muhammad Ali, Gary Halbert and myself

It was January 1971. He saw me jump rope. He laughed and yelled, “Hey white boy! What are you doing here?” It floated like a butterfly, sting like a bee. He was the greatest. I? Without float. No sting. No one. He was right. What was he doing there? Oh yeah. A frustrated college football player, he had decided to […]

A day in the life of a tantric shaman

I wake up from a night of intermittent sleep, happy that it’s time to get up and start my day. While I am still half awake, I dive into my dreams to see if there is something important there, but the dreamscape is silent. For the last few nights I’ve been working a lot on my dreams, getting unconditional love […]

T-Ball Training Tips for Game Day

So you’ve survived the first practices, parent meetings, fundraisers, and uniform distribution, and now it’s game day. Many of the questions we receive from new coaches on our T-Ball University website concern how to manage their team in a variety of game day situations. So in this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common game day questions, including stretches, […]

Why is Roger Maris not in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Roger Maris played Major League Ball (MLB) for 12 seasons, from 1957 to 1968. He played for four different teams (Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees, and St. Louis Cardinals). He appeared in seven World Series, winning three of them. He was a two-time (consecutive) American League MVP, seven-time All Star (1959-1962 2 all-star games a year), and […]

The New Stacy Lattisaw – I went through the fire and I’m not the same girl!

In 1980, when young Stacy Lattisaw sang the hit song “Let Me Be Your Angel,” she had no idea that the lyrics would be prophetic. Fast forward to today, we have Stacy Lattisaw-Jackson, the minister and motivational speaker, executive director, wife of 19 years, and mother of two teenagers. Talking to Stacy was rewarding because she knows where she’s been, […]

The Family University Network: Disconnecting Institutional Higher Education

Why not build a Christian family business with the energy, funds, and infrastructure that would otherwise be built by state or private educational institutions? It is common knowledge today that there are serious moral problems in families, churches, schools, universities, corporations, and in the political arena. These problems have academic, moral and philosophical roots that go back centuries and have […]

Addiction Marketing

“Addiction marketing” is a phrase I coined a few years ago while waiting in line to get my drink at Starbucks. He was observing the mass of people who, like lost explorers in the desert, running in search of an oasis, seemed desperate for their daily (if not more frequent) dose of caffeine. It was around this time that I […]