Can the rideshare industry reinvent itself?

It wasn’t that long ago that UBER came onto the scene. Now, just ten years later, they are considering a possible $ 120 billion valuation as an IPO. LYFT, another ridesharing business that started in 2012 now, seven years later, is valued at 15.1 billion. Ridesharing companies like Uber and LYFT were born out of the tech boom we’ve all […]

Will Your Business Continuity Plan Really Keep Your Business Running After a Disaster? (Part 1)

Preparation and planning are critical to achieving positive and profitable business results. This is especially true when setting up a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). A BCP can drain the necessary money from your budget if it is not properly targeted to return real value. It may not be a reality to expect that you can restore all business operations after […]

The current generation of women is empowered globally

Today’s women are empowered, even in global communities. In a wide range of industries, women are making a name for themselves. Thanks to the encouragement women receive and the training available around the world, much of which is nurtured through the Internet, the limited roles of women are almost a thing of the past. Women’s empowerment is definitely making a […]

How do I find a great business to buy?

If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own business, but not necessarily from scratch, buying an established business may be right for you. There are many companies available for purchase, from franchises to exclusive companies. Companies don’t always advertise that they are for sale. Sometimes you may not even know that a location is going bankrupt until the breakout offers […]

Health is the most important wealth

If you are lucky enough to have health insurance provided by your employer, that narrows your options to the plans offered by your employer. If you don’t have coverage through your job, perhaps an organization or association you belong to will allow you to purchase health insurance through them at a group rate. Another option is to check your local […]

Marketing Crypt Tales: Are You Just Earning The Badge?

How will COVID-19 affect Christmas shopping? COVID-19 is a global crisis that has affected economies, supply chains, and retailers around the world. Your customers’ buying decisions this fall / winter may be completely different than what they made last year. As marketers, we have had to change our strategies in the face of COVID-19. Those tried and true marketing tactics […]

California to New York Restaurant Reviews

You don’t have to search far in California or New York to locate one of several fine dining restaurants. For anyone who is seriously interested in finding a fantastic dinner, be it with close friends, family, or maybe that special someone for you personally. Sometimes it can be as challenging as looking for a needle in a haystack. There may […]