The power of inclusive language

Positive inclusive language will rise. Negative exclusive language will create a downdraft. How many times have you heard the following? “No problem.” “Not really.” How do you feel when you thank a server for their excellent service and hear “No problem”? One of my things that annoys me is “No problem”. I say, “Thank you for your excellent service!” The […]

The basic components of a marketing system!

The core marketing system of a business, including vendors, the business, marketing intermediaries, and target customers. The success of the company is also affected by the presence of the competition and other segments of the public. Management has to monitor and plan for all of these factors to serve and satisfy the specific set of needs of a chosen target […]

EVA and RAROC in banking performance metrics

For efficient business strategy and to improve performance, many financial institutions, such as banks, use banking performance metrics. These metrics help measure the profitability of business units, manage the risks associated with capital allocation, and evaluate the performance of each business unit. The increasing prevalence of technology and the complexity of the market drive many institutions to improve their performance. […]

Learn to use blogging software

First, we have to ask ourselves what really interests us to blog and if the Internet is ready for us to make our mark. U.S you can write about practically everything, but once again we emphasize that it is very important to choose the topic that interests us, because blogging should be like our hobby rather than a job. When […]

Why CPA Accounting Marketing Programs Fail

After developing five accounting firms from 1984 to 1994, I spent the next fifteen years helping more than 2,000 accountants develop and improve their accounting firms as a practice development consultant. This experience showed that many accountants had implemented many marketing programs that failed. The main reason most accounting marketing programs fail is because the accountant tries to treat their […]