Online Sports Betting Review – How to Get Started

Sports Betting If you’re new to sports betting online, you may be wondering how to get started. Well, you aren’t alone. More people are trying it out each and every day. Many sportsbooks feature bonus offers and promotions for their customers. You’ll find plenty of these too. You can place your bets from the comfort of your home. And because […]

Fun variations on foreplay with Make-Your-Own-Opoly

Do you remember the delicious excitement you had playing board games when you were young? But now that you’ve grown up, you have more interesting game types in mind. Consider creating your own spicy new rules for these games and invigorating your sex life with erotically charged fun. Combine the thrill of intense competitive gameplay with some risky fun that […]

Sinclair Lewis’s God Seeker Is Even More Relevant Today Than Yours It Can’t Happen Here

Columnist Alice B. Lloyd, writing for The weekly standard, recently published an article on the revival of the popularity of the novel Can’t happen here by Sinclair Lewis. That 1944 book about the fictional election of a president who comes to rule the United States as dictator has been a best-seller since Donald Trump took office. Rather than praise the […]

What Happens When Christians and Non-Christians Die

This topic has been debated over the centuries and many have never been able to understand or find out what happens to you after death. First, we all have to be on the same page about energy. Einstein stated: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” This statement has been adopted […]

LEGO: The end of life is the beginning of profit

As a casual LEGO collector, I am always on the lookout for sets that are worth investing in. Obviously, the intention and objective of LEGO’s investment is ultimately to make a profit. Therefore, it is crucial for the casual investor to maximize their investment dollar, which is generally achieved only after a set is retired, or in LEGO parlance, reaches […]

PW Minor – History and quality

The PW Minor shoe business started in 1886 when Peter Wycoff Minor (the original PW) and his younger brother Abrahm Vorhees decided to go into the shoe business. Like most American shoemakers, they began mass-producing shoes after the Civil War. Both brothers were veterans and witnessed the large-scale need for uniform boots and shoes that was horribly evident during the […]