Download on your weightlifting program

For the most part, heavy lifting is the way to go. Most people don’t challenge themselves enough in the weight room and therefore don’t see the results they’re looking for. The body responds better to changes and variations in lifting routines. Regular changes in weight, volume, exercise order, and muscle groups worked are the most effective way to achieve your […]

3 simple and scientific ways to lose weight

If you want to lose a lot of excess fat, there are many ways you can try. The problem, however, is that most forms will leave you feeling unsatisfied and hungry. The three simple methods that we are going to talk about in this article will help you control your appetite, lose weight and improve your metabolic health. Keep reading […]

The best tips for skin care

Everyone wants flawless, smooth, blemish-free skin, but healthy skin is hard for many of us to achieve. There are several factors responsible for poor skin health, such as hormonal changes, poor environmental conditions, improper diet, dehydration, etc. Therefore, you need to address your skin care issues and follow the basic tips regularly to get beautiful skin naturally. There is no […]

HIIT training in pool

Winter may be approaching, but indoor pools are a great way to get a high-intensity workout without all the impact. The best part is that you don’t have to be someone who can swim all your strokes proficiently (you do have to be able to swim long enough not to create a dangerous situation for yourself in the water) to […]

Swimming training for fighters (Part 1)

Swimming for conditioning is underutilized, poorly understood, or misused by most wrestlers and coaches. It’s not that coaches don’t have a plan or a goal, but a lot of coaches take standard gym work into the pool and stay at one extreme, doing partner carries and jump squats, all great things, but if they really understood the benefits of swimming […]

Burning Desire: Want to lose 5 pounds of fat fast without starving yourself?

Jump-start your metabolism with the following meal plan: Torn. Cutting up. Trituration. All different labels to describe the bodybuilder’s ultimate goal: to shed unwanted body fat accumulation while keeping your hard-earned muscle mass right where it is. Although the oft-prescribed method of eating fewer calories each day while burning additional calories through exercise is certainly the foundation on which a […]

Balanced Training Program

Long-time trainer Bob Whelan has always been an advocate of what’s known as balanced training, and we’ll design a program for that in this article. This type of training trains the entire body in a balanced manner, consisting of an equal amount of pushing and pulling movements, along with compound lower body movements, with an emphasis on total body development. […]

Ketogenetics: A Real Answer to Permanent Weight Loss and Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle

In the United States, the obesity epidemic continues to rise. We have 38% of our adult population that is considered obese. Another 33% of people are considered overweight. This is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The numbers are even higher for women. Women, because of our fertile bodies, have other female-related factors that we must deal […]