Type 2 Diabetes: Five Foods to Avoid When You Have Diabetes

While convenience foods serve their purpose of being convenient, they are not the healthiest option for anyone. Convenience foods are often packed with added sodium, sugar, and artificial ingredients. Convenience foods can also include a hefty dose of refined carbohydrates that throw blood sugar out of control. These are the best prepared foods that raise the level of blood sugar… […]

Benefits of using therapeutic pillows today

Therapeutic pillows are pillows designed to provide some type of therapeutic benefit, often in the form of support. They come in various sizes, styles, and shapes, with designs to suit everyone. Most medical providers carry these types of pillows, but they can also be obtained from health professionals such as massage therapists, orthopedic doctors, and chiropractors. The design of therapeutic […]

Choosing a diet: let there be success

Let’s face it, choosing a diet is a daunting task with so many options available. So instead, try this philosophy. Read diets with an open mind. Look for the types of diets that have desirable characteristics that you can stick to. Remember, it’s about you and success. If you can’t commit to the diet you select, then you’ve already failed. […]

Nutritional summary attributed to Titan Laboratories

It is now clear from hundreds of scientific studies and research around the world that nutritional supplements offer an incredibly effective, low-risk approach to curing disease and achieving wellness, without drugs or surgery! As with any “hot” growth industry, the field of nutrition has unfortunately attracted unscrupulous individuals and organizations looking to make a quick buck. And what better way […]

The truth about macro patterns

There are all kinds of ideas and theories about how you should eat to lose weight. Diets ranging from Weight Watchers, the Whole Food Diet, the Paleo Diet, and everything in between have their own guidelines for how you should eat to lose those unwanted pounds. One of the latest ideas on the market today is a concept called ‘macro-patterning’. […]

Hydro-Fit hand buoy training

And more advanced water fitness enthusiasts will love how hand buoys challenge their entire body and cardiovascular system. If you’re interested in starting a training program with Hydro-Fit hand buoys, check out the step-by-step guide and exercises below. Heating Use the Hydro-Fit hand buoys to warm up for your cardio and strength training routine. Start with a knee-high jog. In […]