Choosing the right kitchen design

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most visited room in any home. You practically spend a large part of your day preparing delicious meals (and eating them) there. It’s also the first room a prospective buyer will want to see, should he want to sell his house. That is why it makes a lot of sense to spend enough money, time […]

Mind-Blowing Custom Closet Design Ideas

One of the most efficient ways to organize personal items around the house is to design a custom closet space. There are two main types of wardrobes, walk-in closets and built-in wardrobes. Time should be spent taking inventory of the items to be stored while designing a custom closet. ‘Function’, that is, the purpose that the design intends to fulfill […]

7 kitchen design ideas

Kitchens have evolved a lot over the years. Previously located only in the back of the house, today’s kitchen design removes it from the background. The challenge for kitchen design is to create a more open kitchen that is part of a dining room, family room or great room. When deciding how to design your kitchen, you need to consider […]

Officials can vote to tax large kitchens

If you’ve been following the news in Philadelphia, you probably know that the mayor has proposed a tax on sweet soda and sugary drinks. Just like in New York City a few years ago, when the Board of Health tried to ban large sodas and popcorn servings, he and his henchmen are convinced this will spell the end of obesity. […]

Pros and cons of zinc countertops

The use of zinc and other metals for countertops and a variety of kitchen surfaces is an emerging trend. Brings a warm look to the kitchen. The color of zinc is more similar to pewter and is nothing like stainless steel. The finish is actually reminiscent of the more opaque look unique to bullet metals. Over time, the zinc oxidizes […]

Benefits of granite countertops

Granite is a volcanic rock formed when molten volcanic lava cools. This is one of the hardest rocks known to man and since no two rocks are the same, it creates unique designs when used to make countertops. In your kitchen, these countertops will turn it into an ultra-modern work of art where you and your family can enjoy preparing […]

kitchen design ideas

Kitchens have so many design options that they are literally never ending. Kitchen design ideas include features such as cabinets, tile, countertops, appliances, hardware, and accessories. Each feature alone has a multitude of design options and the possible combinations are endless. Two identical kitchens with just one different feature can look like very different kitchens when finished. Because of the […]

Blendtec Blender: Too Expensive or Worth the Price?

how much does one cost blendtec blender cost? After seeing hilarious infomercials for a Blendtec blender, such as “Will you mix?“ad series, curious if you can afford one. It can be impressive to see a powerful blender pulverize a variety of unusual items: including an Apple iPhone! And Blendtec offers remarkable performance when it comes to mixing things up. That’s […]

A great sink that can handle almost anything

You can’t go wrong with a ceramic sink because they can withstand just about anything. The various items that arrive at the typical sink to be washed can vary quite a bit from one home to another. Some items can damage the sink, leaving unsightly scratches and stains. A ceramic sink is very durable and the materials make it extremely […]