Reasons behind policy making in English in China

The beginning of a new foreign language rule in China was marked by the document that was submitted authorizing all students to start learning English as a compulsory subject while in third grade. Previously, English was introduced to some seventh grade students. Several factors contributed to the introduction of the policy in China. First of all, their English requirements in […]

When you have to read faster than normal, 17 tips

Here are seventeen systems, methods, approaches. System One. The easiest and least painful way to read faster is to think that way and act on it, forcing yourself to read faster. Just run your eyes across the page a little faster each time you pick up a book, magazine, or publication. It works well when you’re standing in line at […]

death behind the plate

August 1, 2012 marked the one-year anniversary since San Diego Police Officer David Hall committed suicide in his home. Hall was facing a court appearance a few days before his suicide, for his part in a drunk driving accident in which he was involved off-duty. I had been attending AA meetings and had just received a visit from the San […]

Analytical / Intuitive Thinking

This article discusses the different strengths and weaknesses of analytical and intuitive thinking, which combined can be called holistic thinking. Since thought is by nature invisible and abstract, the article uses an analogy as a representation: the anatomy of the cornea. In the very center of the cornea there are grouped cone cells, which have the function of focusing on […]