BDSM: a new sexual orientation?

The term ‘sexual orientation’ is used primarily to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transsexual (LGBT). This powerful concept – ‘sexual orientation’ – bravely promoted by members of the LGBT community, has empowered people, over the past 50 years, to think of themselves as not bad or sick, but simply different. Readers will remember that it was not so long ago […]

The Dream Act – Immigration Law Reform in 2010?

One of the many changes President Obama has promised the United States is immigration reform. Many ideas have been discussed. One of them is the DREAM Act, sponsored by Senator Lugar of Indiana and Senator Durbin of Illinois, among others. The basic idea is to allow certain illegal immigrants who were brought here by their parents at a young age […]

DJ in class meetings with confidence and efficiency

How frustrating is it to DJ in a class reunion? These events are probably the most annoying parties for the DJ due to the ego of the guests trying to look and sound “cool” to classmates who thought they were “cool in school”. This is an informative article that offers tips on effective music programming techniques and perfect responses to […]

A brief history of the American felony homicide rule

THE PENNSYLVANIA MURDER RATING STATUS After our American independence, several of the new states initiated legislative reforms to codify the crime of murder. One of the first states to do so was Pennsylvania. In 1794, that state enacted a homicide degree statute that divided murder into capital murder in the first degree and murder in the second degree. The Pennsylvania […]

Alexander Hamilton, father of American finance

Alexander Hamilton, an orphan at the age of eleven, born January 11, 1757 in the West Indies, so skilled in business that at the age of twelve he was put in charge of the merchant business of the merchant Cruger in his frequent absences. His ability to express himself with the pen led him to New York at King’s College, […]

The benefits of online games for kids

Children enjoy online games and are often glued to their computers for long periods as a result. However, anything that is in excess can be harmful to health. However, there are many benefits generated by playing games online. As you shop around for prices, you will discover many online games geared towards young children. Many of these games are interesting. […]

Importance of web design and need for software development

Ten years ago, owning a website for business or even personal purposes was rare. Now, every business needs to have a website that provides accurate information and facts, and not having a website is a huge disadvantage. Websites attract business and they also attract customers and funds. However, having a website is not enough. It needs to be attractive, professional, […]