The hinge of maintaining relationships

Breakups don’t just happen in marriages that lost their way. Breakups also occur in all other types of relationships, which have some kind of pact (usually unwritten), such as the unspoken, “Never make a mistake, please,” “Or tell me about everything that unites us, or what you will make me hurt. “ Unfortunately, relationship breakups happen all the time, because […]

How to know if the person you like is trapped

So you’re really in love with someone from school and you’re ready to ask them out, but you’re not sure about doing it because well, “they’re perfect, they probably already have a boyfriend / girlfriend.” Surprisingly, you will find that many of those you fall in love with have probably not fallen in love or will soon be single. 99.9% […]

The best probiotics that kill Candida

There are only a few probiotics that kill Candida on the market. The reason this is true is due to the fact that many of the probiotics have been controlled and owned by corporations, giving them the exclusive right to say how and when those probiotics can and will be used. Some of the candida-killing probiotics that you can get […]

The best museums in Mexico City

Mexico City is full of culture and history and that can be seen in the many museums scattered around the city. As someone who is visiting for a short time, you may be wondering which museums are not to be missed. While it’s safe to say that most museums will provide you with a lot of new information that you […]

Tragus and anti-tragus piercings

Tragus and anti-tragus piercings are becoming more and more popular; in fact, tragus piercings are now one of the most common ear piercings. Ear piercings are the most familiar form of body piercing and the tragus and anti-tragus are fresh expressions of worldly earlobe piercings. The tragus is a small, thick piece of cartilage that protrudes from the ear canal. […]

Why do we cheat on our spouses?

One question I am sometimes asked is, “As an adult child of an alcoholic, why am I drawn to cheat on my spouse?” My experience working with ACoA, as well as with adults from dysfunctional households, has led me to identify unique possibilities that can address the heart of this daunting issue. When he is raised in a home that […]

Food trucks: the real mobile parties

We’ve come a long way and expect much more than the old cellophane-wrapped sandwich from the 1950s and ’60s, along with stale coffee, from the basic fare of stews, beans, and cookies. Ethnic cuisines and made-to-order hot foods are now commonplace for rushing office workers, and we’re willing to pay a high price for convenience. In the 1950s, mobile canteens […]

How to do a chemical peel

Always check with your doctor or dermatologist before starting any skin care regimen. First, I would like to say that I am of the opinion that “PEELS WITH SOLUTIONS MORE THAN 10% STRENGTH SHOULD NOT BE DONE AT HOME. In most states, estheticians are licensed to perform glycolic, lactic and other alpha hydroxy peels up to 30% strength .. They […]