Antibiotic for the treatment of IBS

Based on the theory that there could be small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SBO) in IBS patients, antibiotics have been tried as treatment. Antibiotics have helped some IBS sufferers, especially those with complaints of diarrhea, excess bloating and gas, and abdominal pain. Without well-designed scientific studies demonstrating clear efficacy, antibiotic use has remained somewhat empirical, and the questions remain which antibiotic, […]

Cell Renewal or Skin Exfoliation – How to Exfoliate – Advantages of Skin Exfoliation

Exfoliation is an integral part of maintaining beautiful, healthy skin. It is the process of removing dead skin cells to reveal and expose fresher, “younger” skin. Exfoliants or skin peelers are quick skin improvers. Cell renewal or exfoliation is the process of removing dead cells from the skin’s surface, facial ‘scrubs’ make your skin smoother and brighter in seconds. It […]

Fight yeast infections naturally

Yeast infection or overgrowth of the Candida fungus is a common problem for women. If you have this infection, you know how difficult it is to experience an itching and burning sensation around your genitals. And what’s worse, the infection keeps coming back, giving you more suffering and discomfort. Seek medical help to alleviate your sufferings and at the same […]

Tax Tips for the Home Office

Working from home can potentially offer some attractive tax advantages. If you qualify for the home office deduction, you can deduct all direct expenses and part of your indirect expenses related to working from home. Keep in mind, however, that qualifying for such deductions became more difficult under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA). If you previously […]

The Weekapaug Breachway – a breathtaking view of the treasures of the Atlantic

The Weekapaug Breachway in Weekapaug, Rhode Island, is a shimmering, crystal-clear waterway that connects Winnapaug Pond to the Atlantic Ocean. Every six hours, the breach serves as a funnel through which millions of gallons of ocean water enter the pond to create the high tide, filling the pond to the brim. Then, six hours later, the breach carries the water […]

Use black tea to get rid of blemishes and acne

Blemishes, blackheads, acne, rashes, uneven and bumpy skin…it’s a nightmare for anyone of any age. I used to suffer terribly with it, nothing was working for me… apart from a small number of products (face washes, scrubs, etc.), but only temporarily. One reason they don’t work and I don’t use them anymore is because they drastically alter the PH levels […]