What is an ulcer? Basically, an ulcer is an external or internal sore or injury that is a sign of necrosis (death of tissues at the cellular level). Most of the ulcers that affect people are called “gastric” ulcers which are internal in nature. However, there are several types of ulcers and they include: pressure ulcer, peptic ulcer, snake ulcer, […]

What is the difference between VASER Hi Def and 4D?

Both VASER HI Def and 4D are relevant terms for body sculpting. This unique cosmetic surgical procedure can create artificial muscles such as abdominals, as well as many other areas. Liposuction probes are used to furrow the superficial fat of the treatable area. VASER equipment, which offers ultrasound assisted cannulas, is chosen by plastic surgeons as one of the most […]

Puggles history

Puggles are a relatively new breed and whenever you are looking for Puggle puppies for sale, you will likely find something different each time. Although this breed of dog has only been around for a little over ten years, not much is known about the first Puggle that was created or where it was raised. There were probably some Puggles […]

Poaching: Can Technology Help Prevent the Extinction of Kenya’s Big Game?

To the horror of naturalists and wildlife lovers, poachers of rhinos, elephants, and other large mammals in East Africa are bringing the technology of sophisticated military operations, including night-tracking devices and sniper rifles, to their grim work. long-range. And they are winning the war. The recent toll on East African wildlife has been dire. Big game animals are dying, not […]

Carrier Ethernet over SONET – WDM Networks

The broadband networks of US telecommunications operators are fiber optic networks that use SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) and WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technologies. SONET uses TDM (time division multiplexing) to multiplex data streams of different speeds in the electrical domain and then converts the electrical signals into optical signals to be transported over fiber optics. The payload of SONET transmission […]

10 reasons why you should adopt a pet

Are you thinking of having a puppy that wags its tail and runs happily towards you with each of your calls? Or are you thinking of having that cute little fur ball called a kitten playfully running around your house? Thinking of going to the nearby pet store to buy one? Stop your search for pets right away and think, […]