Cure bad breath – How to treat halitosis naturally

Looking to cure your bad breath? Look no further. Below, we outline the causes of bad breath and five home remedies for bad breath that will ensure you feel confident in your fresh, minty breath all day long. Smelly breath usually comes from a sulfur-producing bacteria called halitosis. These tiny bacteria hide in your mouth and produce volatile sulfur compounds, […]

American Bulldog Training – Picky Eaters

Your American bulldog can become a picky eater just like you. Sometimes they will hold out until they get what they like. This can leave them less than 100% for training. Dogs have taste buds just like people. They like certain foods more than others. Don’t worry though, as your pet won’t go so far as to starve to death. […]

Orphan Fawns, Domestic Deer, and What to Do

“Hey babe, come check this out,” my wife said from the backyard. When I got closer to it, I saw a small spotted creature with huge ears. The size of a medium-sized dog, but perched on spindly legs, I gazed into the eyes of the fawn peeking over the edge of the property. “Hmm,” I said, “Little fawn. Cute little […]

Understanding Autism Milestones and Social Skills

Every day we engage in social behaviors that have become natural to us. These behaviors have become so ingrained that we take them for granted. We begin to overlook the complex nature of social norms in our society, norms that are difficult for people with autism to recognize. We learn social cues from a young age. Social cues help us […]

6 Tips for Successful Cocker Spaniel Obedience Training

So, have you just brought home a new Cocker Spaniel puppy? Well, you made a great choice. This breed is not only known for its beauty, which is evident from its glorious coat, but is also popular for its gentle temperament. But as with any new dog, you’ll need to learn some manners. So, for your dog’s obedience training, here […]

The Virginian, a classic western revisited

“When you call me that, smile.” -The Virginian The Virginian was published in 1902 by Owen Wister (1860-1938). The novel received critical acclaim and was a best-seller, eventually spawning five films, a successful stage play, and a television series. An instant hit, it sold over 20,000 copies in its first month, a staggering number for the time. It came to […]

The 10 most expensive Christmas trees in the world

The Christmas tree originated in 7th century Germany. A monk named Saint Boniface used the triangular shape of the fir tree to illustrate the Holy Trinity in his teachings. Since then, and most prominently in 16th-century Germany, families began to bring fir, pine, and fir trees into their homes and decorate them with nuts, candles, fruit, and paper flowers. Over […]

How to Meditate – The 6 Biggest Obstacles to Meditation

I have struggled with meditation most of my life. Over a period of 15 years, I bought meditation CDs, attended meditation classes, and read meditation books, but still couldn’t incorporate it into my daily life. Meditation CDs usually make me numb and classes and books make me feel like a failure! In fact, my first meditation was quite painful and […]