African Engineers: Simon Beyuoh

Simon Beyuoh’s story illustrates how a determined young man from the most deprived region of Ghana was helped to become the owner of a self-employed engineering workshop through the Intermediate Technology Transfer Unit (ITTU) program established by the Center for Technology Consulting (TCC) from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi. Simon Beyuoh hailed from Nandom, a small […]

Evolution and possibilities of literary criticism

Literary criticism is defined as the study and interpretation of literature. There are many schools of literary criticism, including medieval, Renaissance, 19th century, and new criticism. Literary criticism is often influenced by literary theory; however, literary critics have not always been theoretical. Whether to delimit literary theory and criticism remains a matter of controversy. For example, the Johns Hopkins Guide […]

The 9 mm as a hunting cartridge

I am certainly not an expert in rifle and pistol cartridge ballistics, nor do I regularly hunt with my 9mm carbine. However, I had a recent hunting experience that I would like to tell you about that has shown me that the 9mm cartridge is indeed a capable hunting cartridge. I was invited to go boar hunting outside of Rockdale, […]

Truck Wash Business Case Study

Often, savvy entrepreneurs look for businesses that are out of the way, things out of the ordinary but businesses, that have a good customer base and stable income. This is an extremely interesting story. He had always considered mobile truck wash efforts very profitable and he believed stationary truck washes were a huge waste of money. That was until one […]

Japanese phrases – When it’s over

Breaking up is hard even in your own language, but what do you do when you have to break up in a foreign language? Read on for some Japanese phrases to help you through that difficult time if you need to end a relationship in Japanese. Remember when you read the following sentences that the language used by men and […]

Unrivaled Charter Vedanta Ambulance Service from Ranchi to Delhi

If you are in a situation where you need an ambulance to provide advanced medical services to your loved one, then you can contact one of the fastest air ambulance service provider which is Vedanta Air Ambulance Service. Our Company offers Private Charter or Direct Commercial Airlines from your city to the desired city without any inconvenience. This air ambulance […]

Duct Cleaner Review: 6 Jet Reverse Skipper Balls

The ever popular inverted skipper ball has many different varieties. Today there are a handful of more popular options that we will talk about in this article. You just can’t do a quality air duct cleaning job without the right employer. Here are some of your options. The main 6 jet reverse pattern is made from aluminum, it is a […]

Qivana – Dr. Marcus Laux finally decides on Qivana

Qivana is a relatively new MLM company that started in the early 2009’s. They entered the field of health and wellness with a different perspective than most health related MLM companies. Qivana approaches health with the goal of detoxifying and cleansing the body first, then administering Chinese herbs and minerals. Qivana appointed renowned naturopathic physician, Dr. Marcus Laux, as its […]