What is an MAI appraisal?

MAI appraisals are among the most requested appraisals in the world of commercial real estate. MAI stands for Member of the Appraisal Institute, a trade organization that monitors appraisers and holds them to a higher standard than appraisers who are simply licensed and not owned by that organization. There are other commercial appraisal organizations active in the real estate world. […]

Six economic principles of real estate valuation

Real estate valuation is the process of estimating a single price that would realistically be paid for owning a particular property. The method for valuing residential properties that is most familiar to brokers and agents, of course, is Comparative Market Analysis (or CMA). This property valuation process involves an estimate of the value based on the sales prices of other […]

Should I determine cash flow before tax (CFBT) or cash flow after tax (CFAT)?

Real estate investors and real estate investment analysts generally seek to know the cash flow after tax (CFAT) when evaluating the profitability of investment income properties because it includes the elements of tax protection and shows the cash that an owner could expect to receive. of a property after Uncle Sam takes his share. However, even with the popularity among […]

Whose name is on the lease?

If you are a landlord employing the services of a professional property manager, do you know who is called on the lease? You should, because it could cost you money in court! Many professional property managers have chosen to put the owner’s name on the lease, such as “owner” rather than the name of the managing company. They do this […]

Buying a new water heater

If your water heater is getting old, it’s a good idea to buy a replacement before you run out of hot water, or even worse … wake up with water up to your ankles! Make a note of the energy sources available to you and the amount of hot water you expect to use. Not all forms of energy work […]