Stretching is not for wimps

Do you love training, do you love challenges, do you love pushing yourself or being pushed to the max? To start running every time you exercise? Do you love breaking sweat, heart rate pumping and muscles on fire as you challenge your body and mind? Okay, okay, you get the idea. After all, who doesn’t like the satisfaction of a […]

Essential oils: the health benefits

Essential Oils Aromatherapy and Natural Healing According to the World Health Organization, approximately three hundred million people suffer from stress and depression as of February 2017. Depression is considered the leading cause of disability worldwide and there are no signs of the epidemic abating. These people rely on antibiotics, antidepressants, and a variety of other medication schedules to control their […]

Creative Golf-Themed Gift Basket Ideas

All golfers appreciate golf gifts. If you know a golf enthusiast whose birthday is coming up, this article is for you. Our golf gift basket ideas will get your creativity flowing. If you want to give a beautiful golf gift basket to a friend, parent, or spouse, keep reading! There are many ideas for golf gift baskets. Golf gift baskets […]

Are you Passive Aggressive?

Many of us don’t feel comfortable expressing our anger or sharing our needs, so we resort to passive aggressive behavior in an attempt to communicate what we feel or what we want. The problem is that this behavior does not meet our needs and usually brings distance to a relationship instead of closeness. What is passive aggressive behavior? One definition […]

8 Ways to Teach Your Child About God’s Love

Valentine’s Day is the day America celebrates our loved ones. We tend to buy expensive gifts and elaborate cards to show our family and friends how much we love them. But did you know that this tradition began around the year 270 AD. C. in an ancient pagan festival that celebrated fertility on February 15? The name was believed to […]

5 alternatives for winter foods

Many refer to the winter season, especially in colder climates and regions, as cold and flu season! Although there is no known cure, either conventional or alternative, for the so-called common cold, many are looking for something to alleviate the discomfort and symptoms of the disease. There is also no cure for the flu, but flu shots, in general, significantly […]