Tomatoes – Jewels of the Garden

Tomatoes are the jewels of the garden. There’s nothing quite like a juicy, ripe tomato picked at the height of its growing season, mostly summer through fall. Did you have a bumper crop of tomatoes this year? Do you sneak out at night to leave grocery bags of ripe tomatoes at your neighbor’s door? Are you at least leaving them […]

Honey and mold growth

How does honey affect mold growth? First, let’s discuss what it’s the mold, how it works and what honey consists of that makes it a fighter of bacterial growth and why. Mold is a wool-like multicellular growth composed of tiny colonies of microscopic spores that feed on dead matter. The way you mold works by applying a layer of “slime” […]

Does astrology really work?

If you ask hardened scientists, they will tell you that astrology can’t work. On the other hand, believers will give the opposite opinion. And the truth is that both are right. Actually, it all depends on the definition of “work”. Basically, astrology refers to the belief that the stars and planets have an impact on a person’s environment, personality, and […]

typing test for kids

Typing test for kids is basically meant to measure your learning progress. It is also used as a measurement tool to assess the level of your typing skill. Following assessment of their current skill level, the next level of program most suitable for them is decided. Nowadays, the selection of good typing games is not an easy task and parents […]

The Holiday Sales Cold Call Script

If you’ve been looking for a cold calling script, take a look at this one. Destination vacations are a big money operation. People who make 1000 calls a week typically find 100 interested prospects who convert to 50 paying customers using scripts like this. Everyone tweaks a word here and there in the hyphens and this one is no different. […]