Fixed gear fever

New York City bike couriers have been riding fixed gear bicycles for years. The ultimate bike for them was a trail bike; Single speed “fixed” gear, no brakes. Films have shown messengers entering and exiting traffic, grabbing taxis and buses, and portraying themselves as bicycle outlaws, if not scoffers. This minimalist bike has now gained a resurgence among universities and […]

Are vitamin supplements better than whole foods?

At the end of World War II, chemical companies began selling nitrate / phosphate / potassium (NPK) fertilizers that made using traditional agricultural methods unprofitable. In the 1960s, it was recorded that 97% of American farms had become totally dependent on NPK fertilizers to produce cash crops. Plants need the components of an NPK fertilizer to grow; however, humans need […]

Headache: Mom, Dad, my head hurts

As with any other medical visit, good doctors ask a lot of questions when faced with a child with a headache. Older children, able to express themselves, can report the degree of discomfort, the severity of a headache, how long it lasts and how often they have it. Parents or other caregivers can provide answers to younger children who cannot […]

Fool for god

The following article is an exploration of the spring break season and its spiritual implications. In it there will be a unique perspective with special emphasis on the importance of appropriating our dualities with the purpose of transcending them. The duality of spring is that, although it is a time to “clean the house” thoroughly, it also asks us for […]

Start a business selling tutus

Let’s face it, the economy doesn’t seem to be improving, and stay-at-home moms’ options are sometimes very limited when it comes to trying to earn a second income. More and more women are turning to home-based businesses to help ease some of the burden on their spouses. Putting your creativity to the test and selling your creations can be a […]

Approach your dog

You have the opportunity to take a vacation for two weeks, but unfortunately there is no one available to take care of your pet. Boarding can be a good experience for your pet if you have made the necessary preparations. Step number one is to check the shipping facility and make sure it is clean and does not smell. Make […]

How to motivate your child or student

Many articles have been written on how to motivate children or students through the reward and punishment system, which deals with “outside” influences on behavior. In this article we will focus on the “internal” influences on behavior, that is, the temperament of the child / student. Temperament is something you are born with. It is part of your nature, your […]