Requiem for a Dreamcast

How many of you have or had a Dreamcast at the same time? Most of you are probably around my age (21). When it came out, I just convinced my friends that they had one until I got my own Dreamcast console by trading my friend a copy of Metal Gear Solid 2 for his. Unfortunately, thanks to the innovation […]

Samsung flagship reboot: the Galaxy S6

The latest flagship smartphone from the Korean electronics giant is a polarizing proposition. For one thing, the latest Galaxy S6 eschews a lot of features that Samsung fans loved. These features have been touted by Android fans and girls to their iOS loving friends, for many years, as definite perks of using a Google-powered smartphone. Features are: removable and expandable […]

Fast Charging Battery Research: Hot, Super High Tech, and Awesome!

Since mobile phones became popular, the importance of rechargeable electric batteries has been growing steadily around the world. According to Wikipedia, in 2013, there were an estimated 6.8 billion mobile phones in use worldwide (including smartphones) and 97 out of 100 people in the world owned at least one mobile phone. These numbers include some of the poorest among us. […]

Five yes to iPhone 5S!

Introduction Apple launched the iPhone 5S alongside the 5C, pouring cold water on those who expected an iPhone 6. But hey, the new derivatives of the iPhone 5 are not easy. My previous article examined the iPhone 5C. Now it is the turn of the iPhone 5S to take center stage. Comparisons between the three versions which is 5, 5C […]

New iPhone 6s: the number 1 choice

Since the new iPhone 6s was launched, it is the first choice of many entrepreneurs around the world. The reason is simple. IPhone 6s gives you everything you need to reinvent the way you run your business. Its unmatched features keep you productive anytime, anywhere. The large number of business users of the iPhone 6s is due to some attractive […]

Is your television spying on you?

It seems that the more connected we are, the more privacy we lose. In a report and a “Consumers Report” investigation, they found that some smart TVs can track what you watch. The newest Smart TV from LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, and others could be doing just that. It looks like they were trying to compete with Nielson in an […]

BlitzWolf BW-LS1, 3-in-1 camera lens brings more fun in photography

For professional photography, we choose professional photography equipment. However, most of them are heavy so they are uncomfortable to wear when you go out. In this article, I’ll tell you about a BlitzWolf BW-LS1 portable product that can help you take great pictures. It is the 3-in-1 camera lens and must be used with the smartphone. Characteristics This product includes […]