Book Review – Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy

Many people know Tony Dungy as the NFL head coach who took Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts to the Super Bowl in 2007. You can also tell by seeing him on television as a broadcaster and just by seeing his mannerisms that he is a decent guy. But many of us have no idea about his upbringing and the […]

College Football Notebook (10/11)

I have always believed that the number zero is extremely defining! In the world of sports, like real estate, it’s all about “location, location, location.” A zero in the right column of the win-loss ranking is a very good thing, while a zero in the left column is not so good! As college football enters its home stretch, anyone remotely […]

Task Oriented vs. People Oriented Leadership Styles

Business leaders around the world have become increasingly aware of the fact that an effective leadership style is more important than ever in the workplace. The wrong leadership style can lead to many problems, including: low motivation Low productivity team disharmony High employee turnover It is critical that both local employers who need local workers and non-local employers who need […]

The goalkeeper’s return home from his three Stanley Cups is emotional

Cris Collinsworth wondered during the Super Bowl last Sunday how many Pittsburgh fans were upset, even though the season had ended nearly a month ago for their beloved Steelers. The announcer was referring to the two controversial sacks that generated video reviews, only for the Philadelphia Eagles’ touchdowns to be confirmed. Their opponents, the New England Patriots, had benefited from […]

A college football postseason that can work

Before I say anything, I just want to say that the Utah Utes are my national champions in college football for the 2008 season. Why? Because college football is stuck in an archaic tradition in which the national champion is decided by poll each year. If AP voters can choose their national champion, why can’t I choose mine? What we […]

2007 NFL Draft Player Reviews – OL Joe Thomas

Central High School in Brookfield Wisconsin must be proud of its very own Joe Thomas. The 6’8 313lb LT is the best OL in the country, NO HANDS. He is also possibly the most athletic. He played DT for the Badgers last year when they got into trouble. Thomas is projected to be among the top three overall picks in […]

Ness notes from April 10, 2006

The NBA is in its final countdown as there are only 10 days left in the regular season (it ends April 19). The Pistons split two games over the weekend and at 62-15 they now lead the Spurs (59-18) by three games for the best overall record in the league with just five games remaining. The Spurs lost a big […]