2015 Fantasy Football Sleepers

One of the keys to winning your fantasy football league is the ability to recruit Sleepers. The “sleepers” are NFL players who are drafted in much lower rounds in their fantasy football drafts than their final stats warrant. In terms of shopping, this is like getting a 22 oz bottle of Not Your Father’s Root Beer (the 19.9% ​​version … […]

Buffalo Bills 2008 Preliminary Report

The NFL draft features the exciting 2008 NFL season and as soon as the picks are made official, fans start talking. Heading into the new season, the team’s top picks were at wide receiver, cornerback and tight end. The other wide receivers on the team were all less than the standard five-foot-eleven-inch, finding a bigger man for the wide receiver […]

Do we need support to be successful?

Tonight I was spending time with a friend and business associate. She is a true fighter, very ambitious, intelligent and expert. And don’t worry, I tell him this too. We were talking about the people around us who support us or who in many ways do not support us. I want to talk about how people who love us have […]

3 tips for newborn baby care

Preparation for a newborn baby begins as soon as the parents become aware of the pregnancy. Shopping for essentials usually starts fast, and this includes stocking up on bibs, buying a crib, changing tables, etc. Once the gender of the baby is determined, parents shop for clothes and customize the nursery to reflect the gender of their baby. Additionally, some […]

Rebellious waves: danger at sea

It was the Ancient Mariners who first told stories of sea monsters engulfing entire ships, monster waves, or other fascinating descriptions of disasters at sea. Until recently, there was no solid evidence for any of these descriptions. But like most tales of gigantic sea monsters and other visions of impending doom, they have practically dissipated. But other inexplicable mishaps still […]

Former New York jet takes a chance on the PGA Tour

South Floridian, former New York Jet goes from the Gridiron to the Greens It’s hard to find two sports that are more polar opposites than golf and soccer, Stevie Anderson is arguing that there are some similarities between the two sports. Anderson, who spent five years completing acrobatic receptions in the National Football League (NFL), is connecting the dots between […]