Gab Session – The craziest of marches

How good will this NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament be? I mean, sure, the George Mason thing was amazing last year, and let’s not forget Wichita St. and Bradley made it to the Sweet 16, LSU upset Duke, Kansas lost in the first round for the second year in a row, a #14 seed (Northwestern St.) upset a #3 (Iowa) […]

Placing Your Soccer Bet – Easy Methods

Betting on professional or college football is always exciting and challenging. Online soccer betting has become a way to go for most people as it is easy to set up. Your bets are placed quickly in a safe and secure environment. This is present in the well-established online sports betting system. It provides an even more secure area than giving […]

Strong leadership starts with communication skills training

It is often said that a company is only as strong as its weakest link. This proves to be true in today’s competitive business environment. Companies need all of their employees to have undergone corporate development training to increase overall efficiency from the lowest levels of the company all the way up to the CEO. Part of getting the best […]

Super Bowl 2005-2006: Iron Men and Girlie Men

Did you see the Super Bowl? I slept through the third quarter because there is a switch in this old man’s body that is turned off and there is nothing in God’s Universe that can turn it off. automatic. So I sleep part of every football game. I just can’t put that switch on halftime. I also miss part of […]

curse of the kicker

Here’s the story… It’s Superbowl 41, with a minute and a half to go in the fourth quarter. The New England Patriots have led the Atlanta Falcons the entire game and are holding on to a 7-point lead. They have the ball at the Falcons’ 40-yard line, third-and-three with Atlanta without timeouts. If the Pats get a first down, it’s […]

Dive into the pages of horse racing history and win horse games

Horse racing is a very popular equestrian sport universally enjoyed by millions of people each season. It is an interesting but complicated game, full of minute intricacies. In order to appreciate the ‘King of Sports’, it is important for a horse racing fan to first gain a basic understanding of the extraordinary history of horse racing and the incredible culture […]