Dish TV for everyone

First there was cable television. A basic cable that provides programming for a fixed price every month, or maybe not. The price of cable TV seems to fluctuate (in the wrong direction) like the exchange rate, something that frustrates the consumer. So what should one do? Switch to a satellite TV provider like Dish Network! Satellite television is 100% digital. […]

Barack Obama Embraces the Power of the Internet: Sales Lessons for Small Businesses

The presumptive Democratic presidential candidate has really embraced internet technology! Barack Obama won the primaries in Iowa, North Dakota and Montana! His campaign raised over $ 300 million during the Democratic primary campaign! He defeated the well-known US Senator Hillary Clinton! Using social media and web 2.0 tools, Barack connected with millions of potential Democratic voters and raised millions of […]

Business lexicon, what has happened?

New is an interesting word. Something is new, until it generally circulates and becomes ubiquitous. After a while, the new becomes commonplace. As time passes, the new becomes the old and then slowly slides into that old category. Antique to me, it’s just plain old with a high price tag attached. We as a planet are always striving to find […]

10 upcoming devices and technologies to change the world

Digital technology has come a long way through all the leaps and bounds in the last five years. Cloud computing, smartphones and multi-touch tablets are the innovations that revolutionized our personal and work lives. Well, it’s just the beginning. Technology will get even better. In the near future, we could lead a life like in science fiction movies. So, get […]

File sharing for large files

How do I share my files with you, do I have files larger than 25 MB? A customer asked. Well, there are many ways to upload large files on the web. I personally use the 3 file sharing procedures because it is simple, painless, very basic, and easy to understand, especially for normal, non-tech people. 1. You will need […]

How to unfreeze your Android and iOS phones

Your smartphone is not exactly your computer, even after using it for various purposes. However, there are still some common problems that you can go through, such as a frozen phone. Even if you are using an iOS device or Android phone, the problem is common. It is extremely annoying when you go through such troubles and often you don’t […]

Talk face-to-face with video conferencing services

A videoconference is a communication that allows us to hold meetings with a group of people located in remote places. To make videoconferences we must have a standard webcam, broadband Internet connection and a PC or laptop with good configuration. Beyond video, audio and text chat, video conferencing tools often integrate some additional features such as the ability to transfer […]

Is React Killing angular?

Unlike humans, technologies lack the ability to fight and kill each other. But the emergence of new technologies often affects the popularity and market share of conventional technologies. Both React and Angular are widely used by web programmers around the world. Several polls have highlighted a steady increase in React’s popularity, along with a gradual decline in Angular usage. Angular […]