9 Kinds of Lovers: The Twisted Version

the perfectionist Saying: Honey, I’ve organized everything (well in advance!) and outlined the rules of engagement. Of course, I always show up on time and treat you with integrity, and it frustrates me so much that you can’t do the same. I just can’t understand why people (you!) can’t be organized, punctual, responsible and maintain the highest standards. Why can’t […]

Affordable Cruises to the Cayman Islands

Even though it’s not close to spring break time, it’s good to make some travel arrangements for this trip as soon as possible. The general idea of ​​this is to find the right last minute travel bookings instead of searching for them in a last minute rush. But booking something safely at the last minute can be easy, as there […]

Recycle, reuse and reward nature by being healthy, fit and conscious of your planet

Recycle, reuse and reward nature by staying healthy, fit, conscious of your planet and maintaining modern mechanical gadgets and power tools and more. Go green and love it! Estimate green life: make adjustments; start having conscious daily opportunities to repair or recycle and maintain a life with less stress and expense for you and your home. powered tools and more […]