Magic shows in Las Vegas

There is no better place on earth to see a magic show than in the lights of Las Vegas. Glitter and glamor abound. The world’s most skilled magicians make their way through Las Vegas at one point or another. Some get excited and move to other places, others stay and perform almost daily. They cover almost every genre of magic, […]

Lakeview in New Orleans: the return

Hurricane Katrina and the levee ruptures that followed absolutely decimated Lakeview in New Orleans. Yet Lakeview, perhaps more than any other neighborhood in New Orleans, put up an extremely strong rebuilding effort. This neighborhood has recovered in the most incredible way since the storm. Lakeview has always been a very family-friendly neighborhood. Young professionals have flocked to the area to […]


John and I have returned from twelve days in Namibia. Having been to Africa a couple of times before, I didn’t feel the need for many visitors to “check all the boxes”, “see the big five” … whatever you want to call it. Call me a Philistine, but once you’ve seen one reticulated giraffe, you’ve seen them all. I was […]

All-Inclusive Resort Tips: Important Things to Consider When Considering All-Inclusive Vacations

What exactly can you get at all-inclusive resorts? The package varies from resort to resort, but for the most part, you get everything you need, including food, entertainment, and activities. Tax and tips are included in some packages. It is important to carefully review each all-inclusive package so that you know exactly what you will receive. If you already plan […]

Thomas Jefferson: The Original Gourmet

At the time of the American Revolution (around 1775) the colonists were still consuming a primarily British diet, consisting of meats, stews, puddings, breads, and sweets, with few vegetables. Beer, ale, and cider were frequent drinks. For the wealthiest, there was port wine and some liqueurs. After the death of Martha Jefferson in 1782, the newly formed Congress of the […]