Granada Nicaragua – A Colonial City with History on the Shores of Lake Nicaragua

The city of Granada is the oldest city in Nicaragua. This captivating city is historically considered one of the most vital cities in Nicaragua both politically and economically. Granada is located on the central Pacific side, northwest of Lake Nicaragua, also known as Lake Cocibolca, and was founded on December 8, 1524 by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba. Its current population […]

Bollywood Tourism

It’s an emerging global battle between tourism boards to join the Bollywood saga. Bollywood is the most popular and international definition of the Hindi film industry in India, which is also perhaps one of the largest in the world. Bollywood, which sells a billion more tickets a year than Hollywood, features themes from around the world. The Hindi film industry […]

Hamster cages that will keep your pet happy

Hamsters are solitary animals, which means they must live on their own in their own small home, but you should try to give your hamster the largest cage you can afford that has room in your own home. Usually a properly sized hamster cage is at least one square foot, but like I said, if you can get a bigger […]

Bullfighting and cowboy culture in the Camargue

My husband is a faithful rodeo attendant and never misses a single wagon race. He loves the Calgary Stampede. Every year in July, he dons his cowboy gear for the official 10 days of Stampede and any outlying events. This year he will really miss his favorite event of the year since we won’t be in Calgary. The excellent news, […]

Shipping from the Gulf Coast: Honey Island Swamp

FOR ME, EXPLORATION HAS ALWAYS BEGAN AT THE END OF CIVILIZATION. In most places, one has to retreat from the neon signs and golden arches and out of the concrete jungle entirely to find nature. Generally, if I have even a bar of reception on my cell phone, I haven’t gone far enough. Most populated places in the United States […]

How Android app development seems monstrous but surmountable

Introduction Android is an operating system (OS) from Google. Android is open source. Android has a huge market share. Android-powered smartphones outsell other operating systems. Android is app friendly. The hosannas sung in favor of Android can fill an earthmoving truck! Android is said to be app dependent, which is good news for smartphone users who can download apps in […]