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Definition of a group of quality networks

When it comes to quality, how do you choose?
the group that matches your expectations?

Defining a quality group is not as easy as it sounds. You should first do the research on the meetings, the type of attendance, etc. The next thing you want to know is the size of the group. Size counts as a smaller group often doesn’t have enough leads for each individual. You also need to make sure that the level of the person who belongs to the group is in the right place. By level we mean: does the person who belongs to the group influence the decisions or is it the person who makes the concrete decisions? Often with these groups, it is the salesperson who attends and they can only suggest something to the decision makers. The decision maker does not necessarily have to be the CEO, but is likely to be part of the managing executive. Don’t waste your time with groups that don’t have access to decision makers.

Influencers can have some effect, but in the long run, if they can’t put you in front of the decision maker, chances are you’re wasting your time. Be picky about the quality of the group you will eventually join; If you are bringing in leads and they are going to offer you leads, make sure the quality of the group is where you need it. For example, don’t expect high-end consulting business from a printer paper vendor. They are unlikely to know who you need to meet.

Although quality is important in a group, quality can be found in various types of groups that you will come across. Quality can be defined in several ways. First is the quality of the attendees and the level of decision-making they have in an organization. Second is the quality of the leads the attendees generate. Potential clients should be of some value and should include an introduction to the business that needs your services. Let’s take a closer look at some of the types of groups that could possibly meet your needs.

Group survey

Group name


Where does the group meet?


Day and time of the meetings (is it weekly, bi-monthly or monthly?)


Group size ___________________________________________________

How many people do you know in the group? __________________

Group focus _________________________________________________

Decision-making level of the participants


Are there exclusivity requirements? ___________________________

Number of expected leads:

Receive in a month __________ Give away in a month ________________

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