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die to heal

“Out of suffering have come the strongest souls; the most massive characters are marked with scars.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

These words came to me the other day and I thought wow, this says it all! I decided to look up the words. dying Y heal in the dictionary. Synonyms for die are disappear, fall, fade, vanish, and become extinct. Synonyms for heal are restore health, mend, heal, and mend. Perfect!

Do we have to be in a place where we are dying to be healed?

Do we need to be at the bottom to get up?

I don’t know about you but I did it! It was only when I said I couldn’t live anymore that my deep healing began!

I often wonder why so many people are terrified of healing, deep healing. I wonder what they are so afraid of? We spend much of our lives living in a state of discomfort holding on to patterns from the past. I keep running into people, including clients I work with in my practice, who recognize how scared they are to let go because it’s all they know, even if the behaviors no longer serve them.

I ask them, “Do you think you have the ability to change?” They often respond with uncertainty and share their sense of helplessness in knowing how to do it. That concern prevents many from moving forward and becoming all their hearts desire.

I know firsthand that healing is a process that must happen from within. It takes courage and tenacity to heal. To truly heal you must be willing to give up everything that no longer serves you. That’s the only way healing works. We can put temporary band-aids on, but the wounds will never go away!

You may notice that your mind says one thing while your heart says another. What seems to be simple can seem very complicated. I remember wondering, many years ago, if I really wanted to be cured. Of course my mind said yes, but my body said no! I learned through a wonderful healer who practices the art of kinesiology that what our mind wants doesn’t necessarily transfer to our body. In retrospect, I understand it very clearly. Of course I wanted to be cured of a crippling disease for life, but was I ready to make healing my only priority? Was I willing to go deep and do the intense work it would take to rewrite my DNA? Seven years ago I had no idea what that meant. Today I know the difference and continue on my healing path with gratitude every day of my life. Today, my greatest joy is empowering others to have the courage to heal as I have.

Take a moment and ask yourself, “Do I really want to heal? Do I want to get rid of all the ‘stuff’ that keeps me stuck, passive, lonely, angry, depressed, controlling?” The list looks different for each of us, but you can trust that what you’re identifying is standing in the way of inner peace and well-being.

When you invite the healing process, you open yourself to all possibilities. It is about knowing, opening up and giving up. It is what your heart and soul must do as you journey through the process to be at peace with yourself and the world around you! It is nothing short of a transformational miracle! I know, I’m on the trip.

Make a list of everything you would like to change about yourself, ie behaviors, patterns and reactions. Ask yourself, “What gives me joy? When do I feel deep sadness?

Write it. It belongs to me. Understand it.

Whatever you do, don’t judge yourself! You’ve had enough judgment in your life!

Healing begins when you open your heart to be the person you want to be.

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