Drawing cartoons as a hobby

Cartoon drawing is the most basic form of human language. It was used to represent what people feel when they can’t write. It is an art to represent a situation, real or imaginary, in a fun way. There is no limitation in creating cartoon characters. With little imagination you can create cartoon characters with all sorts of fun features. The basic idea to keep in mind when drawing a caricature is that it is a simplified form of line art and not a complicated form of painting. It is more important to imagine a funny looking character in a funny situation. It is like writing a story with the help of animated characters.

One can take cartoon drawing as a hobby for fun or for pure pleasure. To develop this skill as a hobby you only need paper, pencil, marker and a few colored crayons. There is no major cost involved in developing it as a hobby. Cartoon drawing will let you explore your creativity without any limitations. A personal note or love letter will make the best impression when done with a cartoon drawing.

Cartoon drawing can be taken up as a profession for a rewarding career. One of the common forms is comic strips. Most magazines and newspapers have a special section devoted to comic strips. Comic strips can also be put together as a story to form comic books, which have been enjoyed by teenagers for decades. Additional knowledge of computers can help you generate cartoons with the help of computer. Animated films have created a demand for a new generation of professional cartoonists.

Cartoon drawing can be fun as a legal hobby or it can be a highly paid career as a front page cartoonist or a professional working on big budget animated films.

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