First birthday memories and traditions

A baby’s first year is a magical experience, especially for new parents who see their helpless newborn turn into a little person (sometimes even walking) on ​​their first birthday. Parents around the world want to pay tribute and commemorate that special moment in their lives and that of their babies. Memories and traditions are symbols of how important your child is to your family. They are also the ones that help you create a family identity. Traditions also convey to children that some of the most prized possessions a family has do not come at a high price. The true value of memories and traditions lies in the time and love that went into creating them. So if you are a doting parent, grandparent, or even aunt or uncle, here are some special 1st birthday memories and traditions:

Save the special outfits – From the outfit you brought the baby home in to a treasured christening gown that has been passed down from generation to generation, saving special outfits can mark important moments in our lives. A creative family took a photo of their one-year-old baby next to the outfit he came home in and left them with a great photographic reminder of how much he had grown over the past year.

Find a new use for special outfits – While saving special outfits can be great, you can also find a new use for them. A crafty grandmother picked up some of her grandchildren’s outgrowing newborn clothes and other outfits that were worn the first year and turned them into beautiful quilts. Or you can celebrate your baby’s first birthday by donating her outgrown clothes to a charity that helps the underprivileged. This way you can mark your celebration by helping another person.

Let the photos (literally) tell a story – For a special keepsake, why not ask family and friends to bring you photos of your one-year-old that were taken during his first year of life. You can then have your guests write a short summary of the image; be sure to include their age in it and then paste the story and photograph into a baby book. Even babies as young as one love to look at pictures of themselves and this will be a wonderful memory keeper for years to come.

Chronicle of the months – You can easily make a special keepsake for your baby. Start by posting a photo of a newborn in the center of a page (perhaps with a birth announcement) and then every month surround the image with photos. Your biggest accomplishment for your collage may be a one-year-old picture of the birthday boy or girl.

Write a letter to your child: While your child’s actual birthday may be too hectic to write a letter, try writing one a few days before or after the celebration. Include your feelings, what happened at the party, and include some highlights from the past year. While your child may be too young to fully appreciate letters, for many years they will have a written record of your child’s life and their special place in yours.

Scrapbook the party – Even if you’re not an avid scrapbook reservoir, there are plenty of ways to commemorate your one-year-old’s party. Have a page or two of scrapbooks where everyone can sign and give the birthday boy or girl best wishes. You can take a photo of the guest of honor with all attendees and then submit photos later. Or maybe you have a photo of your little darling with a smooth matte around it where everyone can sign too. Either way, you will be left with a precious memory of that special first birthday celebration.

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