Flying Monkey Delta Loves the Airplane Industry

Flying Monkey Delta

In the Flying Monkey Delta line of planes the “Spirit of Paradise” is a long-range twin engine electric trainer with four seats. The Spirit of Paradise has been designed to entertain both young and old alike. Its clean lines, modern features and state-of-the-art power plant help make it very attractive to pilot enthusiasts. The “Spirit of Paradise” also has been certified by the FAA as a light sport aircraft. The plane has been developed in such a way that it will allow the operator to quickly and easily transition from an indoor flying environment to an outdoor one, while still maintaining full forward visibility.

The “Spirit of Paradise” is very similar in overall layout to the older model Deltas which were well liked by many people. Although they are a bit larger than the originals, the new model has a much wider fuselage that is nearly 20 inches longer than its smaller predecessor. The added length gives the pilot more visibility and improved control when flying. This allows the new model to be faster and climb faster than the Deltas. It also gives the pilot more options when it comes to selecting the various flying modes and flying patterns.

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The controls of this model are fully electronic so there is nothing that needs to be fumbling around with when getting used to. It is easy enough to learn how to use the controls which are quite responsive and user-friendly. When first starting out, I found myself using the virtual keyboard for most of my flying. However, after using the controls for a little while, I found that I could feel the resistance of the controls just like I would if I were actually flying the airplane.

Flying Monkey Delta Loves the Airplane Industry

Like all the other models produced by Flying Monkey, the “Spirit of Paradise” is equipped with both audio and video systems. Although the audio system seems to work better than the video system, I did not have an issue with hearing over the P.V. I also did not experience any problems with hearing clarity with either system. Both systems worked extremely well and reminded me of the great joys of growing up with the “Waldo” and “Stargate” science fiction television programs.

The actual flying experience of the “Spirit of Paradise” is exceptional. The realistic flying model of the “flying monkeys” is enough to give you that “flying on the wing” sensation that you get when experiencing the early days of flight. The controls of this airplane model are so realistic looking and sound that you can almost feel that the controls are really flying the airplane. The realistic detail of the “flying monkeys” made me think about growing up with those television shows.

Although the Flying Monkey Delta is an excellent model, it does come with one minor complaint. It seemed like the ” Spirit of Paradise” was missing a few trees at the airport I landed on during my training flight. Since I was noticing the trees around me while flying, I did not notice the trees right away. After landing the airplane, I quickly went back and checked the runway. All the trees were in position and there was no need for me to go and repair the airplane, which would have cost me precious time during my training session.

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