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How to avoid or fix iPhone X build problems

IPhone X screen burnout problem

One of the main attractions of the new iPhone is its 5.8-inch OLED panel. If there are items that are displayed for a long time or that are displayed very frequently on the screen, you can make them noticeable on the dashboard even when they are not supposed to be. This is one of the drawbacks of OLED screens. It’s not just about the iPhone X, but the Pixel 2 XL has the same issues as well.

How to prevent iPhone X screen from burning

Apple knows the potential risk and therefore released a short manual for iPhone X owners to maximize the lifespan of the OLED Super Retina panel.

An important point is to update the iPhone to the latest version of iOS as soon as it is available. Apple also recommends not overheating the brightness of the panel, the ideal is to configure its automatic control (Settings – General – Accessibility – Screen customization).

Another point is to activate the automatic phone lock, which turns off the screen. The proper settings can be found in the Settings menu> Display and brightness> Auto-lock. Apple recommends setting the shutdown interval to 30 or 60 seconds. This prevents the phone from sitting idle on the desk with the screen on.

Mysterious vertical green lines on iPhone X

Another reported issue is the green vertical lines that appear along the edges of the panel. There is an unknown cause for this phenomenon, resetting or factory data reset will not remove it. According to MacRumors, Apple is swapping affected iPhones for new ones. Defective parts are further subjected to an analysis that could reveal the cause of the defect.

The iPhone X screen does not respond to low temperatures

The screen on the latest iPhone X can become unresponsive in cold temperatures. This is probably a software problem because locking and unlocking the device eliminates the problem.

How to fix the iPhone X problem with a screen that does not respond to low temperature:

Apple announced that they are aware of the issue and it will be fixed in the next system update (version 11.1.2). The iOS 11.1.2 update can be downloaded for free on all eligible devices wirelessly in the Settings app. To access the update, go to Settings> General> Software Update.

Apple also released the manual that outside the temperature range of 0 to 35 degrees Celsius, called the comfort zone, the iOS device can exhibit certain interactions that adapt to changes in temperature.

Cracking or buzzing sounds from the iPhone X earpiece speaker

Another device failure that is repeatedly reported is cracking or buzzing when the speaker is loud. While some users have noticed loud sounds at maximum volume, others notice them at a 70 percent level, which is quite unpleasant. Unfortunately, the problem is not only present in the media playback, but it also affects the quality of the call.

The good news is that Apple automatically swaps devices with a faulty speaker for new ones.

Do not panic

As with the previous problems, users are asking for a device without its hidden flaws, and the widespread problems show that the iPhone X is not a completely problem-free device. However, it must be said that several million units have been sold in a short time, so there is nothing extraordinary about the occasional occurrence of anomalies.

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