How to make a woman surrender to you and do everything you ask

Do you want to be the type of guy who can naturally attract beautiful girls? The thing is, a lot of guys get stuck following strategies and routines in the underworld of seduction that basically just trick girls into liking them.

There’s no need to stoop so low to be successful with the opposite sex; it is actually possible to attract girls naturally. If you want to be one of these natural charmers, read on.

How to make girls give themselves completely to you

1. Make trust count. Any dating advice guru will tell you to act confident, but that’s not really helpful if you have no idea how to do it right now, right? Unfortunately, being confident isn’t as easy as pushing a button.

It is true that trust plays an important factor when it comes to generating attraction. However, you should know that this refers to a specific type of trust known as a core trust. To develop this core confidence, you have to work on becoming a better guy, overall. This is great because growing as a person can be very rewarding for guys. Having extreme personal drive can also help you build confidence in your masculinity.

2. Don’t react to things. One behavioral trait that really gets girls interested would be a lack of reaction. This may sound strange as it doesn’t sound appealing at all, but it has more to do with the trait itself. It is also concerned with the implications it creates.

In general, most men in the world today constantly want women to validate them. If girls don’t accept them, they feel despondent and worthless. If you haven’t realized this yet: Most guys are terribly insecure.

By not reacting to other people and staying true to yourself instead of following the norm, you can show girls how stable your emotions are and how unshakable your sense of identity is. Ultimately, this would mean that you elicit reactions from other people without showing off your own.

3. Use hypnosis. Using a deadly tactic known as fractionation, pick-up experts have had the knack of making girls fall for them instantly, in less than 15 minutes. It’s very effective, but sometimes it’s misused by guys who want to make girls their love slaves. If you absolutely must resort to this tactic, do so ethically.

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