Meet Girls on MySpace – It’s So Simple You Probably Never Thought About It

Every time I talk to young men about their experiences meeting girls, I’m struck by how similar their struggles are. The book called “How to win friends and influence people” can be an important guide in this little foray, as well as in “real life”. Carnegie’s main rule of thumb for people to like is to show interest in the other person.

Of course, when a young person is scanning MySpace pages, they will first be drawn to the photos, which is expected and even acceptable. Then it’s time to start paying attention to the other little details. Her, desires, goals: the things that are important to her must be important interests to you.

In real life, when a man is trying to attract a woman, he often goes out of his way to highlight his own exploits and achievements, in an effort to attract or even seduce a young woman. Although the lady is usually polite, she knows inside that she is not going anywhere. The man who shows genuine interest in her mate, on the other hand, has a distinct advantage.

If this is the case in real life, why wouldn’t it be the case online?

You need a great opening message first, after that, the ball is in your court. Try something simple, “Oh hi, I see you’ve been to the Caribbean, how was it?” See why this is a better approach than “Hello, I was the captain of my high school football team.”

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