Michelle on leadership

The 9 leadership systems are relational, psychological, power leverage, skill leverage, negotiation, sacrifice, responsibility, living in paradox, and vision. Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention effectively and seamlessly touched the leadership system, which is why her speech has been revered by the public and critics alike. Relational His speech began by forming a connection and his perspective and […]

Chaucer’s style and contribution

JM Manly on the obverse of the Cambridge History of English Literature, “The fourteenth century was a dark time in the history of English.” This statement is both historically and linguistically correct when applied to the medieval period. The English language was in infancy and required the hands of a craftsman and the mind of a genius to reach maturity. […]

Can you recover deleted text messages from prepaid cell phone?

By now, almost all investigators understand the value of cell phone forensic examinations and the recovery of deleted text messages from a cell phone. The very recent introduction of cell phone forensic tools and services is probably the biggest advance in the investigation industry since the invention of the magnifying glass. If an investigator can obtain consent or ownership of […]

How to: book John Cena effectively as a face

We all know that for the past 10 years John Cena has been one of the most controversial babyface characters in the rich history of professional wrestling. His apparent lack of controversy on television has been, ironically, a major contributor to the ‘mixed reception’ ‘the champion’ has received since his meteoric rise to the top of the company. ‘Turn Cena […]

Audio streaming via Bluetooth, AirPlay and Play-Fi

One of the hottest trends in home theater is streaming audio to your home theater receiver from your iOS or Android device. You can do this through an application and a Wi-Fi connection (AirPlay or Play-Fi) or via Bluetooth. But it’s not that simple; There are a wide variety of ways to bring the audio from your phone or tablet […]

Do It Yourself Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing will definitely give your kitchen or bathroom a new look. These can be disguised to also give a revitalized perspective. Highly trained restorers can help you transform your outdated kitchen or bathroom cabinets to the new look you want. It can be done in less time than you think. You can definitely achieve the new look in your […]