Qivana – Dr. Marcus Laux finally decides on Qivana

Qivana is a relatively new MLM company that started in the early 2009’s. They entered the field of health and wellness with a different perspective than most health related MLM companies. Qivana approaches health with the goal of detoxifying and cleansing the body first, then administering Chinese herbs and minerals.

Qivana appointed renowned naturopathic physician, Dr. Marcus Laux, as its Chief Scientific Officer, while also forming a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of world-renowned physicians and scientists.

Dr. Marcus Laux had a goal from the beginning of his career to be a conventional doctor, but in 1986, when he became a cardiologist and made a fatal decision regarding his father’s treatment, Dr. Laux knew that conventional medicine It wouldn’t be his forte.

Shortly thereafter, while in pre-med, his observations about the use of chemicals in money-hungry hospitals and doctors simply reinforced his thought process, so he decided to become a naturopathic doctor. Dr. Laux learned early on that naturopathic medicine is by far the safest and most comprehensive natural approach to practicing medicine on humans.

After spending ten years. in college and medical school, fifteen years. in private practice and over twenty years. From the research, Dr. Laux came to this conclusion, because naturopathic medicine looks beyond symptoms alone, and looks for the sources of problems instead.

Qivana was very lucky to have Dr. Laux, but since the company’s philosophy was also based on promoting balance, detoxification and strength first and foremost, this was a perfect match. Dr. Laux had been involved with several other big companies, but Qivana had the potential to be so much more, he thought.

Dr. Marcus Laux has an extensive resume that includes:

PhD: National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, O. (1985)

Private Practice – FT practice in Beverly Hills and Malibu, Ca. 19 years old

Assistant Adjunct Professor: Emperors College of Traditional Oriental Medicine (Ca)

Adjunct Faculty Member: Bastyr University of Naturopathic Health (Wa)

Councils of scientific advisors: Enzymatic Therapy, EuroPharma and McZand.

Chairman of the Scientific and Strategic Advisory Board: Unigen Pharmaceuticals

Launching New Supplement Innovations: Nature’s Way, Cognis (Henkel), Integrative Therapeutics, and Toyo Bio-Pharma

Dr. Laux is actually responsible for coining the term “bioidentical” in the world of hormones with his book Natural Woman, Natural Menopause (HarperCollins), which is solely responsible for improving the lives of women around the world. .

For 30 years, Dr. Laux has taken the lead in educating people in the natural products industry. He has continued to provide cutting edge education to pharmacists around the world for over twenty years.

Qivana with its own line of cutting-edge products should be a good fit for Dr. Laux. “I’ve been working with natural products for years, and when I came across Qivana, I knew I had found something special,” said Dr. Laux.

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