Renting a house in Edinburgh, several common types of accommodation

“Living in a school apartment:

The school apartment is usually closer to the school for student accommodation in Edinburgh, and the farther one will be picked up by the school bus. International students do not need to spend too much on transportation expenses and rush back and forth, and can also save a lot of study time. Students from different countries live together, which is convenient for freshmen to contact with classmates, improve their English level, and gain experience of living in the UK from others. Students who have just arrived in the UK and are not familiar with the surrounding environment can choose this kind of accommodation.

Living with a host family:

Some schools may help to contact local host families. The host family is determined by the British school after strict screening, keeps in touch with it for a long time, and regularly sends students to stay. Because the boarding method can communicate directly with the locals, it is conducive to integrating into the most authentic British society. International students should learn to adapt to the living habits of the host family, help with simple housework in their spare time, do not complain about the food being unpalatable, and respect the rest time and private space of the host family.

rent a house:

Several people rent local Edinburgh student accommodation. You should choose familiar classmates and friends to rent together, and consider whether the transportation is convenient. Each school and department has a dedicated teacher who is responsible for the daily life of the students, and you can ask them for safe housing information. It is recommended to choose this method after living in the UK for a period of time and having a better understanding of the local conditions.”

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