Toilet Learners: Is It Easy?

Potty training plays an important role in your child’s development and it is important that you start potty training when you feel your child is ready for it. Forcing or starting potty training too early can do more harm than good because fear of failure won’t allow your child to get comfortable with the idea of ​​using the bathroom. Most parents begin potty training once their children have reached the age of 18-20 months, however there is no hard and fast rule that you should start potty training at this age. Look for any visible signs in your child’s behavior to judge whether he is ready or not, if he is not ready to take the plunge, give him more time to accept this new concept of using the bathroom. Potty training should be a pleasant experience for the child and if it is not, the child will need more time to get used to the basics than other children. The best way to get your child to learn the basics of toilet use is by letting him follow his role model to the bathroom, and if that’s not possible, be sure to show him some animated videos about the bathroom so he can mimic the procedure. .

Videos and imitation play an important role in children’s potty training, as children learn faster when they watch the acts performed by another person and then try to do the exact same thing. At first, your child may not be successful in doing the right thing, but this certainly does not require punishment. Instead, you should encourage him to get it right the next time he tries. When you start potty training your child, it is important that you get a small toy potty or baby toilet seat that can be placed on the toilet seat in your bathroom. It will make it a personalized affair for your child and they will have a sense of ownership and pride in having their personal toilet seat. If you get a removable baby toilet seat for your child, don’t forget to position and secure it properly on the toilet seat because you don’t want your child to slip or get hurt during the training process. Accidents of this type can have a negative effect on all the hard work you have put into educating your child.

Potty training is a long and time-consuming process and would require you to do the same things over and over again for quite a few months before deciding to move to the next level, so be prepared to go that far. Once you feel that your child is now comfortable using the toilet in the sitting position, it is time to move on to the next step and train him to use the toilet to urinate in the standing position. Many people believe that boys’ toilet training takes longer compared to girls, however one reason could be that boys need to learn two methods of using the toilet versus a single method that girls have. to learn, so they take longer than girls.

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