What would be the best “Hello world” for biosciences? Generation of a method for biohacking

The first step that a beginning hacker or programmer takes towards a technical and logical deepening is to program the famous Hello World. It’s kind of a computer pattern, so it’s the first step for future algorithms. And there isn’t a computer programmer or hacker in the world who hasn’t already created a Hello World, even if it’s to test a new compiler or a new programming language. However, if there is this pattern, or rather, this START for hackers and computer programmers, what would be the best pattern or start model for biohackers? Some method for beginners to have as a model in the field of biosciences.

Biosciences are not yet popular, and there is a huge barrier for ordinary people to work on topics like genetics. It seems absurd to think that ordinary people can work with genetics, even as a hobby, just like working with other classical sciences. The same was true of computing in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, but with the advancement of the microtechnology industry, especially microelectronics, devices like hardware have seen reduced prices and global scales. With this advancement in popularization and access to materials, we all know how the advancement of computing came about, forming a breeding ground for hackers. What is being questioned now is the possibility of this same fact with the biosciences. A popularization and access to materials, devices and knowledge to further strengthen the incipient hacker movement. There are KITs and cheap materials for biohackers, they are already being made available, although some specialists consider it an amateur, but, which hacker did not start out as an amateur, and in a short time he blurred the highest technologies. We cannot deny that it is already a beginning, and there is a huge field to improve. However, the focus of this article is the search for a method, not the materials now. In this case, the method for biohackers connects to a Hello World for biosciences, for a model or a START for new biohackers. Something so simple, but that carries the maxim of concept. A method to become standard for biohackers, just like Hello World. This method is what we are looking for right now! Recalling, the concept of method is an organized set of procedures, techniques or means to do something methodically and sponsored according to a highly organized, logical and systematic plan or process of investigation, instruction, investigation and presentation.

As important now as the growth of the biohacker movement is the search for this standard, this method. Something like performing a PCR polymerase chain reaction, or even extracting DNA from cells, and even more sophisticated devices such as the connection or interfaces between biological and computer platforms. In relation to hackers, they are self-taught, and when it comes to concepts for working with biosciences, there are no excuses. Because never before have we had as much knowledge in an open and organized platform as today, an example is the Microsoft™ Khan Academy™ platform. In addition to so many other examples. In a nutshell, nowadays anyone can become a hacker as well as a biohacker with a basic method. A method for biohacking – An agile method, step by step, with the basic introduction, like the famous Hello World in programming, which will result in a HYPE revolution for the biosciences. What it would take for a novice hacker or programmer boils down to a machine that is a computer, a compiler, and the concept of programming logic. The first step of each computer is initiated by the famous “Hello World”. It can be said that Hello World programming is the gateway to the world of hacker and programming. It is a practice, a standard in this field. The question we ask ourselves in biohacking. It is formalized with the question: What would be the best “Hello World” for the biosciences?

Until now, the biosciences have been stuck in private academies and laboratories, but with the advancement of knowledge and easy access to new apparatus and equipment and instruments made by hand, at reduced prices, it has become easy and cheap to acquire materials for the work. of biosciences in a popular place. road. It is a revolution like the advance of computers in their popularization, generating hackers. Currently, the new hacker advance is to incorporate the classical sciences in their actions. Thus, characters or agents called biohackers and even nanohackers appear. These will make use of biosciences to hack the human genome, as well as to generate innovation. No one can deny a phrase: what would today’s computing be without the hacking of a few decades ago? We can even say that we are in a dilemma today. The traditional means of producing science are stagnant and slow. And this new agent, the biohacker, starting its global operation will bring HYPE gas and acceleration to groundbreaking science and technology innovations.

As for current science, an interesting case is presented in the concept of the plateau effect; more details can be seen in the book of the same name. This concept refers to a kind of paralysis in the progress of knowledge and science, psychological slowness and other factors. The concept is well exemplified for those who are learning a new language, but at a certain stage, progress is slow and stalled due to various factors. It is not very different in the advancement of biosciences, and one of the reasons for this laziness, in the face of so many variables, is the high complexity. However, just as the hacker movement has oxygenated computer science with many innovations, the biohacker movement, while it has pros and cons, will undoubtedly oxygenate biosciences and other conceptual sciences. This new matrix of action will bring an icebreaker, a kind of HYPE acceleration in what is stagnant. There is a lot of academic concept and little practical use now. It cannot be denied, there is a new complex matrix in the making. The CRISPR and biohacker movement has even been a subject of Nature™ magazines in 2017.

In fact, it is not only the question of the best method to generate a START, for amateur biohackers, in this case, a suggestion would be in a popularization of the PCR method, let’s remember PCR as Polymerase Chain Reaction, but this is one of the possibilities facing to so many others. The opening to new business with the biohacking movement is unprecedented. The possibility of outsourcing analytical tests, the rental of laboratories, the sale of KITs for biohackers, new means of testing and endless collaborations and competition without limits. It is practically a new world that is being formed in the biosciences, a matrix in complex formation.

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