Why you should use direct mail

Yes, I know exercise too well. “I tried direct mail and it doesn’t work and it’s expensive.”

To be honest, I bombed and hit hard the first time I used direct mail too! It was ugly.

But I stuck with it and learned how to make it work from a few selected industry professionals. And it was worth it.

In this short article I am going to give you some reasons why you must put direct mail to work in your business. If you don’t, you are leaving money on the table.

In another article I will show you how to make it profitable. But for now, I suggest that you at least consider using direct mail to grow your business.

I think you will soon be surprised at how efficient and profitable direct mail really is.

Let’s do it.

Some of the largest and most profitable companies use Direct Mail to maintain and grow their business. It’s true, Apple, AT&T, Wells Fargo, Pfizer and Wal-Mart, and many companies use direct mail to get new leads and increase their sales.

And in case you were wondering, internet companies like Google rely on this marketing channel for businesses to advertise with them.

Direct mailing works like crazy for just about any type of business … medical clinics, plumbers, auto repair shops, publishers, sales organizations … and just about any other business you can think of. And it will work for your business too!

Here are some reasons to use direct mail

First, you won’t find a more reliable and robust system to get your message across to your customers and prospects.

While there is no perfect methodology, the US Postal Service is hard to beat.

The Postal Service delivers to 146 million homes and businesses every day, six days a week. Sure, UPS and FedEx compete, but UPS only delivers 8 million and FedEx less.

Rest assured, the Postal Service will NOT disappear! So you have an extremely reliable system at your fingertips to spread the word affordably.

According to DM News, a recent study showed that 98% of consumers receive their mail from the mailbox the day it is delivered, and 77% check it immediately.

Now think about YOUR email. Do you think it is treated with such urgency?

According to the DMA statistical data book, 12 trillion (with a B) Catalogs were mailed last year. Do you really think catalog companies go to the trouble and spend to ship 12 BILLION catalogs if they are unsuccessful?

Also, this advertising method in the US is expected to grow to more than $ 48 billion.

So all of this adds up to a reliable, affordable, and profitable system to sustain and grow your business.

Stay tuned. Next, I’ll talk about how to make your mailing profitable.

Yours for higher profits.

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