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Wrestlers in Hollywood

When it comes to professional wrestlers making their Hollywood debuts, it’s no wonder they bring a lot of experience performing with them. These fighters are used to bringing a lot of melodrama and action to the big screen, but unfortunately very few of them have managed to succeed.

One of the most popular fighters in Hollywood is Hulk Hogan. Although he is not known for his acting, he managed to win over fans with his performance in Rocky III. Then there’s King Kong Bundy, who starred in Moving, and Kevin Nash, who starred in The Longest Yard. These fighters may not be the best actors in Hollywood, but they still managed to bring a lot of excitement to the movies they have acted in.

Terry Bollea, best known to wrestling fans and movie buffs like Hulk Hogan, has acted in movies for over 10 years. Some of his films have been moderately successful, namely No Holds Barred, Suburban Commando, and Mr. Nanny. However, realizing that he would not make a name for himself on the big screen, Hogan turned to television. His most successful series on television is the reality show about him and his family titled Hogan Knows Best, although he was the host of the American Gladiators, but the series was short-lived.

Maybe some Hogan fans are waiting for him to return to the big screen, but it is something that may or may not happen.

Andre the Giant played his most unforgettable role in the movie The Princess Bride at the height of his fame. All of her other roles made no impression and most fans won’t even remember that she had a small role in Conan the Destroyer, Micki & Maude, and Trading Mom.

Jesse Ventura was lucky enough to act alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in 3 films: The Running Man, Predator, and Batman and Robin. However, they were the first two films for which Ventura is most remembered. Additionally, Ventura acted in other films such as Demolition Man and Major League II. After all the fighting and acting, Ventura made a dent in politics; first becoming mayor of Brooklyn Park and then governor of Minnesota.

Stone Cold Steve Austin first became known for his acting skills when he starred on the series Nash Bridges. He then went on to act in The Longest Yard and The Condemned. Although The Condemned was a good movie, it didn’t get the mileage it should have. The year 2010 will see Austin in two more movies, Damage and The Expendables.

However, the professional wrestler who really has the acting talent is Dwayne Johnson, better known by his wrestling nickname The Rock. He has acted in some hit movies like The Game Plan and The Rundown. He showed his acting prowess in the film Gridiron Gang and then went on to show his comedic side in films such as Be Cool and Get Smart.

In addition to all the professional wrestlers mentioned above, there are others who have moved from the wrestling arena to the big screen. Some of them are John Cena, Professor Toru Tanaka and Ted DiBiase, Jr.

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