Xbox Kinect games review

Xbox Kinect games without a controller

If you’re one of the most cynical gamers when it comes to control in video game titles, there’s no getting around the fact that Xbox Kinect Games is technically extremely impressive. For most gamers, myself included, it will be very difficult to convince them that anything other than a real controller can be used to properly play a game, however the Kinect is trying to get players to change their minds.

When the Kinect works really well, it’s amazing that some Kinect, including Zumba Fitness, use the device in an amazing way and the game is fun, a great showcase for the way a Kinect game works. Obviously, Zumba Fitness is not going to conquer the video game audience and this is Microsoft’s main fight.

If you’re taking the upcoming Star Wars Kinect release as an example, I recently got a chance to play this at the trade show. Now, granted it was not over yet, however the first time I pushed my own hand towards the console using “force” I became like a child having fun with my Star Wars toys again, I was completely blown away, it got better However, once the guy at the booth told me to use my arm like a lightsaber, this made me think that this would be one of the best Xbox Kinect Games of all time.

During these 3 minutes I thought to myself “this is it, the future of gaming” and then just as my enthusiasm started, it quickly went away. The simple truth is that I had to progress my character and this turned into a nightmare. I had to jump forward a bit and yes, it took the Kinect less than five excellent tries. At that very moment I wanted to have a controller in my hand, which left a slight disadvantage for any new Xbox Kinect game.

That is the main problem with playing Xbox. Kinect is as much fun as new technology, it just can’t compete with the feeling of having a controller comfortably in your hands. But that doesn’t mean that we still can’t enjoy using a Kinect, it just means that for now we need both options and the main option is the Xbox controller.

One of the first games to show me a negative flaw was the Star Wars demo which was a wonderful illustration of exactly what is right with the Kinect and exactly what is wrong. Maybe if they had given us a controller like the Wii Nun Chuck we might have a better chance of moving characters around on the screen.

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