September fun and festivals in the Smoky Mountains

Festivals and fun make September an exciting time to visit the Smoky Mountains, especially if you like being outdoors. The sun is still shining, but the weather is starting to cool down, making it the perfect time to enjoy Mother Nature. Just take a look at a sample of what to expect. Old-fashioned wagon rides From September 1 to November, […]

Before proposing: the meaning of roses

Roses have a long history as symbols of love and admiration. In Greek mythology, for example, Aphrodite gave a rose to the god of love, Eros. Even if you are not a god of love, few things add to the romance of a perfect proposal more than a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Almost everyone knows that red roses are symbols […]

Amazon Kindle Publishing – Who’s Participating?

Amazon is the world’s largest buyer search engine. Amazon’s traffic statistics are increasing every month with more and more people around the world purchasing digital e-books through Amazon Kindle. Why? In this article I want to answer that question for you and offer you a real incentive to rethink what you are doing with your existing knowledge. This article will […]

Quest Helper Plugins for WoW Cataclysm

Do you have that guy in your guild or do you know a player who seems to be able to level up toons faster than he should be possible? Have you ever wondered how they are doing it and they just won’t tell you? Most likely, they are using a premium WoW Quest Helper plugin that guides them through the […]