How often should I recharge my car’s AC system?

should I recharge my car’s AC system Do-it-yourself a/c recharge kits are becoming increasingly popular and available at your local auto parts store in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. These canisters contain refrigerant, a recharge hose with a quick-connect fitting, and a pressure gauge that plugs into the low service port (also known as the L port) in your air conditioning system. These […]

Are Bicycle Mirrors Allowed?

Are Bicycle Mirrors Allowed? Today we would like to introduce you to an important safety device for your e-bike, namely the mirror. E-bike owners are very conscious of safety when riding. In addition to choosing the right safety helmet and properly fitting lights and reflectors, the question often arises: Are bicycle mirrors permitted and are they recommended as a useful […]

BMW Uberkaro Car Seats Trimming Fabric

Car Seats Trimming Fabric This is a well-restored example of the iconic E30 318is. A lot of time and effort has been put into restoring this car to a very high standard including a replacement carpet, tidy under dash panel and great condition original seats. The original light grey ‘check’ Uberkaro fabric (0380) is in excellent condition with the exception […]

Wat is de goedkoopste Porsche om te verzekeren?

Porsche om te verzekeren Porsche produceert high-performance sportwagens die wereldwijd gewild zijn. Deze luxe voertuigen zijn duur om te repareren en te vervangen, daarom hebben ze hogere verzekeringstarieven dan reguliere modellen. Desalniettemin zijn er manieren waarop bestuurders hun premies kunnen verlagen, waaronder het kiezen van het juiste automodel, het beperken van het aantal kilometers en het krijgen van veel kortingen. […]

What AudioFormz is Best?

AudioFormz is Best The question of what audioformz is best can seem difficult to answer. Especially since you can find so many different types of products out there. However, there are several things you should take into consideration before you buy anything. Below is a quick rundown of the key features that you should look for. AudioFormz designs and builds […]

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Is One of the Top Carriers in Florida

Rent-A-Car Is One of the Top Carriers in Florida Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers low-touch rental service with clean, reliable vehicles. The company has more than 7,000 locations in nearly 100 countries. It offers convenient pick-up and drop-off locations to meet your needs. It also offers competitive rates and a variety of rental options. Its fleet of luxury vehicles includes SUVs, sports […]

Navistar Expands Its Aftermarket Truck Parts Brand

Navistar Expands Its Aftermarket Truck Parts One of the largest truck manufacturers in the United States is expanding its aftermarket truck parts brand. In order to better serve customers, Navistar is looking at different ways to expand its business, including developing private-label brands and selling services. According to the company, selling services will become a huge business in the future. […]

The Way Things Used To Be – Stoop Ball – Game Rules

Lucky Strike Green had come home after the war, as had Dubble Bubble gum. Spaldeen roses could also be bought again, but now for ten cents instead of the pre-war nickels. There weren’t many new cars on the streets yet, so there was still plenty of room for punch ball, stickball, association football, and all of our other games. We […]