Purchase of Real Estate in Nicaragua

The first step to buying real estate in Nicaragua is to forget everything you know about the process in your home country… no matter where your home is located. Let me make one thing clear up front. There are incredible offers to buy properties in Nicaragua. In fact, there is no other market in the Americas where it is reasonable […]

Reflections of Travel to the Atlantic Islands

As a certified travel agent for four decades, international airline employee, researcher, writer, teacher, and photographer, travel, whether for business or pleasure, has always been an important and integral part of my life. Some 400 trips to all parts of the world, by road, rail, sea and air, involved destinations both mundane and exotic. This article focuses on the Atlantic […]

I want to become a Video Vixen! How I can?

Video Vixens are now treated like celebrities in our society and are more relatable to the media than some of our politicians. They receive instant gratification to an elite club that once never existed. Women are turned on by the allure and the attention it instantly brings. Immediately, these girls are catapulted into the spotlight, receiving invitations to the hottest […]

Choice, luck and gratitude signs

“Start each day with a grateful heart” is printed on a wooden sign that a friend gave me. I have that inspirational message hanging on the wall in front of my bed. They remind me first thing in the morning to be thankful. Such a simple instruction but sometimes very difficult to do. My mind quickly fills with the duties […]

Temporary office space for a new business

When it comes to starting your own business, you will most likely start working from home. In fact, as many people are being laid off, there is a growing number of people using their severance money to start a new business. However, while starting your business from home and continuing to run it from there is fine for many businesses, […]

Advantages of durability and fireproofing of copper roof tiles

Copper metal is ductile and malleable, making it perfect for making exterior and decorative tiles that can withstand the harsh forces of nature. In addition to the design advantages, copper relies on the conduction of heat and electricity. Copper roofs and domes survive for centuries, are waterproof and withstand the full force of lightning. For cutlery and kitchen utensils, copper […]

How to get an emergency payday loan

What are payday loans? Payday loans, sometimes called payday advances, are short-term unsecured loans, usually for small amounts. The only collateral generally required to apply for these specific loans is some type of employment record, such as pay stubs, although the term payday loans has become shorthand for any type of small, short-term loan, even if it’s not technically backed […]