Cell tower leases exposed

Negotiating cell tower leases is difficult when neither you nor your attorney speak telecommunications legalese. How can you be sure that the cell tower lease rate you are negotiating is fair market value? Although your lawyer may have helped you close real estate deals, handled litigation or other complex transactions in the past, and may even be a good friend, […]

The secret to making money "toll booth position"

I’m a marketing consultant, and at one of my client companies, a company that, in less than 10 years, has grown from a $10 million business to a $100 million dollar business, one of the people I work with frequently has been herself jokingly titled it, ‘Vice President, Back-End’. While that clearly opens her up to be the butt of […]

My Review of the Maakoa MLM Opportunity

The question here everyone wants to know is: What the heck is Maakoa anyway? Maakoa is another MLM company that has created another health and wellness product. The product is a vitamin-enriched juice known as Koopuwa. Koopuwa is said to naturally regulate cholesterol, boost the immune system, and promote healthy skin and hair. It is also said to be excellent […]

Praying to overcome invisible barriers to entry

Recently, I received a frenzied midnight call from one of my readers in Atlanta. A member of theirs was facing foreclosure at home in a matter of days. He needed my advice… desperately. I sat down and wrote 14 prayer points. and I emailed it to him, along with specific instructions on when and how pray them (just to make […]

Wat zijn de vereisten om makelaar in onroerend goed te zijn?

Wat zijn de vereisten om makelaar De belofte van een flexibel rooster en de mogelijkheid om je eigen inkomen te bepalen trekt veel mensen naar onroerend goed. Een erkende makelaar worden is relatief eenvoudig, hoewel de vereisten per staat verschillen. Onderzoek om te beginnen de licentierichtlijnen van de staat en volg een pre-licentiecursus. Het is ook belangrijk om sterke relaties […]

Acne cure: how to get rid of acne for good

Introduction: Every acne cure I’ve ever seen will never compare to what I’m about to share with you right now. The problem people have with controlling their pimples from showing up or spreading is never knowing which sources to attack first. There are so many paid ad shows on TV and a plethora of acne cleansers that help you cure […]