Financial Freedom: Obvious Ways To Get It

We all want freedom. Every day and every hour, people on the bus, in offices, and in homes around the world are thinking: How can I be free? For some, this means not working, for others, freedom means having time to spend with loved ones. Regardless, all types of freedom require financial freedom. To do the things we love we […]

Real Estate Agent Contracts in Israel: The Do’s and Don’ts and Brokerage Fees

Representation: In Israel (as in many US states), a real estate agent can represent both the buyer/tenant and the seller/landlord. Please note that this does not release either party from payment. If both parties are represented by the agent, then each party, regardless of the other, must pay the agent the agreed fee (unless, of course, otherwise stipulated and agreed). […]

food and drink books

The decision to learn how to cook and plan meals and menus can be intimidating. There are so many dishes and there is so much to know. Also, Food Writers makes it sound very difficult. The important thing is not to feel overwhelmed. Focus on one cooking category at a time. You can master specific dishes and build your confidence. […]

Ten Tips for Effective Insurance Search Engine Marketing

Insurance search engine marketing encompasses optimizing your insurance website to improve exposure, traffic, and search engine results pages (appearing on page one of Google, for example, on a search engine results page or SERP). The goal of insurance organizations, whether they be insurance companies, brokers or insurance agencies, is to achieve organic results on the first page of Google, preferably […]

Rental tracking via cell ID

If you need to find the particular location of the cell phone user (even if it is yours), you can use GPS. GPS stands for “global positioning system” and was originally developed for use by the United States Department of Defense. GPS uses a GPS receiver; The receiver calculates the user’s position by precisely timing the signals sent by GPS […]

Property Inventory: Why is it so important?

Property Inventory, why are they so important? What is a property inventory? Tea property inventory is a catalog of the property and its contents. A condition program is a condition record. Typically, the two are combined into a single report and are called the property inventory or schedule of conditions. This essentially protects you and your tenant. The inventory/status program […]