Ways to Encourage Tenants to Use Online Rent Payment

Property managers understand the stress associated with the due date of the rent payment. Tenants rush to their office to beat the deadline while managers try to follow up on residents who were unable to pay. They must deposit checks with the bank and wait for payments that other tenants mailed. If this seems like an endless cycle, it’s time […]

Who is Britt Robertson?

Viewers know her as Casse, the “new girl,” on the CW hit series The Secret Circle, but who is Britt Robertson outside of the show? Brittany Leanna Robertson was born on April 18, 1990, in Charlotte, North Carolina. She grew up in Chester, South Carolina and is the oldest of seven siblings. Britt has three brothers and three sisters, all […]

Looking for the best real estate agents in Wildwood NJ?

Wildwood NJ is the term used to refer to the four New Jersey communities that have Wildwood as part of their name. These are Wildwood Crest Township, West Wildwood Township, Wildwood Township, and North Wildwood Township. Wildwood NJ is a famous vacation spot with its beautiful white sand beaches perfect for swimming, surfing or sunbathing. The beaches get their constant […]

Farmhouse sink: a classic style in your kitchen

A farmhouse sink is a great way to give your modern kitchen a home-country look without going through a complete renovation. With a wide variety of modern features combined with retro flair, there are many apron sinks on the market to suit your needs. The next time you decide it’s time to liven up your kitchen, it may be worth […]

Is it a fatal attraction? 5 warning signs

Some of us enter into relationships in which we practically destroy them because we ignore the initial warning signs that the person we are attracted to is an emotional train wreck or a time bomb. Too often we indulge in physical, mental, or sexual attraction only to end up heartbroken, angry, bitter, vindictive, or stuck on an emotional roller coaster. […]